Are Biden’s Dementia Symptoms Showing More And More?


Well, it looks like it’s getting worse…

Some of the inexplicable decisions and strange remarks made by US President Joe Biden lately have once again rekindled concerns about his declining psychological well-being.

While the US media continues to fawn over him and pamper him with soft questions, a series of incongruous comments have only served to fuel suspicions about Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental health.

Joe Biden held an emergency press conference on Sunday where he gave an update on America’s efforts in Afghanistan and on tropical storm Henri which has hit large parts of the US east coast. But during the conference, Mr. Biden stammers for several seconds as he appeared to struggle to remember the name of the FEMA director, Deanne Criswell, who he had just spoken to before going live. It follows a worrisome press conference last week where the president gave his first public update on Afghanistan with viewers worried about his cognitive health after he suggested there has been “no question” of US credibility on the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“I’m here, uh, uh, eh, the F-FEMA director’s on, uh, uh, FEMA Director Criswell, sh-she’s on. And I’m here with, uh, with my s-senior adviser and, uh — boy who knows Louisiana very, very well, man, and, and New Orleans, and uh, Cedric Richmond.”

According to Dailymail reports:

In 10-to-12-second video clips that have sparked widespread discussion about the president’s wellbeing, Biden said, ‘There’s no one better to lead this operation than…than….umm…uh…Deanne….uh….Criswell.’

The president has previously suffered two brain aneurysms and a heart condition, which makes the muscle beat too fast and causes dizziness and confusion. Biden also suffers from a well-documented stammer. 

But anytime Biden has been asked if he’s physically able to carry out such a taxing position, he been quick to knock any notion that he can’t.

But a recent poll of American voters concluded that 52 percent said they are not confident Biden is up to the most powerful job in the world while more than a third – 41 percent – said they are ‘not confident at all.’

As the president downplays questions about his physical and mental wellbeing, the country is facing a historic debacle in Afghanistan and a surging tropical storm threatening the East Coast.

Consider that this is the man who was calling the shots over the last two horrific weeks amid our precarious and chaotic withdrawal from the 20-year Afghan war — someone who might not even be able to keep his Cabinet officials or military leaders straight.

All this raises the question — who on earth is running our country?

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