Rand Paul Just Brought The Hammer Down On Fauci Once Again!


On Sunday, Senator Rand Paul joined in an interview on Sunday Morning Features with Maria Bartiromo.

During their conversation, Senator Paul scolded Joe Biden for wearing a mask on his international global warming calls this week, saying, “I guess this means that Dr. Fauci now believes you can get COVID, you can catch it over your webcam.”

Dr. Fauci must answer questions on why he funded dangerous human-viral testing even after it was banned here in the US according to Senator Paul.

He said, “There’s a huge ethical question about the origins of the virus. The ethical question is should we be doing gain of function, should we be upgrading animal viruses in the lab to make them more susceptible to humans… We have to ask Dr. Fauci, why did he in overseeing these labs allowed gain of function? Why did he allow labs to get money to upgrade animal viruses so they can infect humans? We got worried about this around 2 or 3 years ago. We closed down about half of them but then Dr. Fauci and his committees opened them back up. We need to ask him why are we doing this in China but are we doing this in the US?”

A year ago, it was previously reported by The Gateway Pundit on Dr. Fauci’s unethical and possibly criminal funding of research at a Wuhan, China lab that is now suspected of being the likely source of the corona virus.

The article contained that Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team working on a corona virus project jointly with US doctors in 2014 before it was shut down by the DHS for being too risky.

After the US research project was shut down, Dr. Shi continued her corona virus research in Wuhan, China.

Doctor Shi Zhengli from China was part of a team, including Doctor Ralph S. Baric from North Carolina, which published an article in a 2015 edition of Nature Medicine.

In the article, they discussed bat corona viruses that showed potential for human emergence. The article was published in 2015.

This report was published shortly after their project was defunded by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Watch it here: Sunday Morning/Rumble

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