WOW! FBI Informant Just Revealed How The January 6th Prosecutions Are Total Garbage!


It has been clear to us that Biden’s Department of Injustice and the corrupt FBI are working double-time to persecute American patriots.

And they thought they can hide it from the American people, well, too bad for them one of their own has had enough of their lies.

The sham Jan.6 Committee has been abusing its power so they can punish their political opponents because they can’t clearly beat Republicans in the mid-term elections.

The Unselect Committee is now using groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers against pro-Trump lawmakers and supporters alike.

Our friends from 100 Percent Fedup commented further:

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene went so far as to say that Jan 6 defendants are being treated worse than prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Partisan prosecutors in D.C have put non-violent offenders in solitary confinement and are attempting to put them in federal prison for years.

Now, an FBI informant who was embedded with the Proud Boys over a year before the January 6th protests has spoken out against their prosecution.

The informant alleges that members of the Proud Boys who attended the “Stop the Steal” rally and are being criminally charged did not engage in violent activity, break any barriers that were erected to stop protesters or encourage any violent activity or property destruction.

The Department of Justice chose to prosecute them anyways.

The Gateway Pundit is the first to break this story:

The informant told his handlers at the FBI that the Kansas City Proud Boy Group he was infiltrating and accompanied to the Capitol on January 6th “were not involved in, nor did they inspire the breaking of the barriers at the Capitol building. CHS describes the scene as the crowd doing it as a “herd mentality,” and that it was not organized. The crowd was shouting “stop the vote,” as they made their way to the Capitol building…

…There were no overt threats of violence made at that time.”

Not only that, but the informant also testifies to the FBI that Proud Boys planned to come to Washington DC to risk their own safety to protect average Trump Supporters from Antifa attacks so MAGA folk could enjoy the day and “get back to their hotels safely”. Meanwhile, the drinking fraternity, along with the ex-military/law enforcement group the “Oath Keepers”, have become the fall guys along with President Trump for the entire phony “Insurrection.”

Sources: 100percentfedup, The Gateway Pundit

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