One Quick Photo At A Baseball Game PROVES Biden Is A Sick Pervert!


When it comes to becoming the worst President ever, nobody could beat Joe Biden… He’s on the top of the list.

We all have witnessed how diluted this old man is, right? His bad dementia had brought us into a disaster like what we have currently.

From a fraud-ridden victory last elections, destructive Afghanistan debacle, controversial COVID mandates, and the getting worse border crisis situation.

With all that, we should be all worried now because it’s only been 9 months after he was installed in the White House.

His behavior has always been the problem, from lying to us, giving us false information, and also showing how bad he reads the prompter messages, clearly, he is not aware of what he is saying.

Recently, he just violated his own mandates, No mask, No social distancing. Given the fact that he always says that we should continue wearing a mask even though we are vaxxed.

Hypocrite as hell, right?

Look at his recent photo.

The woman in this photo seems to explain what she feels at this very moment, Scared and creeped out.

Here are what folks online had to say about the photo:

“This is clear predatory behavior. He is blocking/boxing her in. Sickening.”

“You need to be triple vaxxed for no mask now?”

“i am so confused about when he does and does not wear a mask?”

“no social distancing when you’re a predator”

“I assume he’s not wearing a mask because he wanted to sniff her hair? Or does he only do that for minors?”

“Wanna go see Air Force One?” “I got hairy legs, I’ll show you” “I got some art back at my place… famous artist… his name is Hunter… I have some originals…”

“This predatory behavior is something the media knows full well about Biden, but won’t report on it.”

“That’s what happens with dementia. Lose your filter.”

“I wonder if “no means no” in these instances?”

“God, he makes me uncomfortable.”

The Presidents behavior really describes how bad he is and how bad can the decisions he did and can do. From having bad dementia and a bad state of mental health.

Dems think that this should not be an issue. Clearly bad.

I agree with Wayne, If President Trump took stances like this around women, the left would come undone, and the media would report on it 24/7.

Source: WayneDupree

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