OHIO School Board President Caught In Massive Child Sex Sting…


On Monday, the president of a school board in southwest Ohio immediately quit his job after a group posted a now-viral video online accusing the official of arranging to meet what he thought was an 11-year-old girl in Indiana.

John Gray, Goshen Local Schools board president, drove three hours and crossed state lines in order to meet with the child after the pair had phone calls detailing their hypothetical sexual escapades.

In the now-viral video clip, the girl’s mother and her partner confronted Gray as he purchased snacks and drinks for the kid.

After explaining to Gray that they had been monitoring the young girl’s online chats, he admitted to talking to her and said he got her information from another person. This anonymous associate of Gray’s had allegedly obtained the child’s contact information on a messaging app.

Soon, Gray confessed to telling the adolescent girl he’d go to her house and “cuddle” on the couch and watch a movie when her parents were gone to “make her feel better.”

When the girl’s mother informed Gray that she had audio recordings of his conversations with her daughter, he revealed he “may have” agreed to “make out” while “cuddling.”

The woman asked Gray about a “fashion show” the 11-year-old was going to put on and when they questioned him about telling her to strip to her bra and panties, he confirmed, “I did say that.”

Protect your children at all costs from these sickos.

Fox News has more details of this incident:

The president of a local school board in Ohio resigned after he was caught attempting to meet with whom he thought was an 11-year-old girl after allegedly exchanging inappropriate messages with her.

John Gray, who was serving his fifth term as president of the Goshen Local School board in Goshen, Ohio, admitted to traveling about two hours from Cincinnati to Indiana to meet with the girl, according to the video uploaded to YouTube and Facebook on Saturday by the groups PCI: Predator Catchers Indianapolis and PCM: Predator Catchers Muncie.

Here’s disturbing footage of the suspect attempting to defend himself against the charges:
Sources: WCPO9/Youtube
And The Epoch Times has more details on the undercover video:

“How old was the girl you were talking to?” the woman can be heard asking Gray, who responds by saying, “I guess she said she was 12 or 13. Something like that.” Gray also tries to plead his innocence by claiming he has “no intention of doing anything” to the girl.

The woman then asks Gray about his conversations with the girl, to which the man replied, “Just hanging out.” When she says she has read some of the “very sexual” messages they exchanged on Kik, a mobile messaging app, Gray alleges that he hadn’t meant to talk about anything sexual, but the girl kept bringing it up because “maybe this is what she’s looking for.”

Gray also admitted telling the girl that she has “kissable lips” and that he would like to “kiss and cuddle her.” He claims that he got the girl’s number from someone else who told him “she needed help” and he told her that “just to make her feel better.”

The woman points out Gray has suggested the girl get down to her underwear for a massage. She then asks Gray how he would stop himself from going any further if he and the girl ended up meeting as planned. “I can’t get an erection. I don’t have that problem,” Gray replies.

Sources: WLT, Epoch Times, Fox News

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