The Photos This Contractor Took Before The Miami Collapse Are Bone Chilling!


A contractor was examining the Champlain Towers just 36 hours before it collapsed, he took some damning images that confirm the claim that the “leaky” pool was at the root of the collapse.

It was revealed after a contractor shared a couple of images that he took which show a wet basement area, massive concrete fissures, and significant corrosion.

According to the Miami Herald, “The lobby and pool area at Champlain Towers South condo seemed clean and well maintained to a commercial pool contractor who visited the property last Tuesday, only 36 hours before half of the building unexpectedly collapsed. Then he noticed the basement-level garage.”

And that’s when everything started to shift…

Miami Herald was told by the contractor who did not want to be identified, under the pool, he noticed cracked concrete and heavily corroded rebar. “There was standing water all over the parking garage.”

He also shared some photos that he took with the Herald.

Last week, the contractor came to the condo complex to put together a bid for cosmetic pool restoration as well as new pool equipment — just a small part of the multimillion-dollar restoration project that had just begun at the 40-year-old structure.

Behind the scenes, He was “shocked” by the lack of “maintenance” the contractor stated, he also told the condo official with him that the situation appeared to be serious.

Furthermore, the deepest puddle of standing water was seen near parking place 78, which is positioned just beneath the pool deck, according to the contractor.

All of that water, which had been leaking for who knows how long, could have transformed the concrete into mush.

An inspection report back in 2018 that there was a “major error” in the initial design, which allowed water entry and caused serious damage to the structural concrete slabs underneath.

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