She Stood On The Corner Holding A Sign, The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart!


A heart made of pure gold is uncontainable.

That is the heart of a girl who wanted to raise $8,000 for Scottish Rite Hospital which has changed her life.

A simple sign that says, “For my birthday, I want to raise $8,000 for Scottish Rite Hospital.”

USA Today reported that Addie Bryan, was born with a rare bone disorder called Larsen Syndrome which contorted her legs and made her knees unable to bend but Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children has been medically and extensively treating her for free have completely changed her life.

And she says, as a way of extending her gratitude towards the good doctors there that have done their best to help Addie, she can not only walk, but she can run.

Watch it here: Youtube/Humankind

Addie Bryan Comes Home With Wads Of Cash For Hospital

Not only that she has earned a whopping pile of cash in the amount of $19,500 on the streets, but because of the social media posts, she made national headlines when People Magazine picked up her story.

The story has generated donations from far away and even from international donations have been flushing her way.

Stephanie Brigger, Vice President of Development of Scottish Rite Hospital has received a letter in the mail with a check from an unnamed sender who was so impressed with Addie’s gratitude and has mailed a $50,000 check in her name.

“I am almost speechless because I am the one who opened it, The anonymous donor wrote about seeing Addie and the pictures of her and then seeing her running. That’s a lot of casts and a lot of prosthetic devices and every little bit and big amounts help us do what we do.” Stephanie said in a statement.

Despite the hefty cash donations she has earned for Scottish Rite Hospital, Addie remained humble and said, “I think all the kids are going to be happy, and they can get out of the hospital faster,”

That a heart made out of gold.

Thank you, Addie!

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