New Report Reveals Biden Has Set Kamala Up For Failure!


We know how manipulative Biden has become, his tyranny has no bounds because he wants total control and power.

Now, the black community has had enough of Biden’s tyrant leadership, and the recent poll just proves it. Biden losing a significant amount of support from black voters and community leaders.

Biden’s greed of power leads him to throw Kamala Harris out, reports confirms that he has been planning this all this time to set Harris fail.

In fact, he’s been assigning Harris too many high-level tasks on which she is obviously not delivering. Of course, Harris didn’t have to take on all these jobs if she didn’t want them.

Here’s an excerpt from The Washington Examiner reports:

But too many black leaders and their friends, it’s all a charade. That’s because some believe Harris has been saddled with garbage issues and teamed with an unsupportive president.

“Her portfolio is trash,” said friend Bakari Sellers of Biden’s assignment to her of immigration and election reform. “You give someone a portfolio that’s not meant for them to succeed,” he said at a discussion hosted this week by Washington’s Politics and Prose bookstore.

While an impressive list of issues, he said that Biden has stopped her from making progress and often blocked her path by compromising with congressional Democrats on issues such as ending the filibuster.

“The reason I call it trash, which is a colloquialism to describe a no-win situation, is because you did not give her something where she could be successful. You did not give her something that best used her talents to improve the plight of many people in this country, particularly people of color. For example, immigration, I mean, allow her to go to the border and have a conversation,” he added.

The problem with Kamala Harris is that she is often her own worst enemy.

Sources: 100percentfedup, The Washington Examiner

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