There’s One Chart That Exposes Biden’s Big Border Lie!


The growing numbers of illegals in our borders are undeniably getting beyond critical, well, thanks to Biden for continuing to ignore the border crisis.

Instead of solving the border crisis, Biden has been spreading lies and unproven theories about why these illegal aliens entering our country’s borders. He claims the wave depends on the best climate months and because of “the circumstances in-country.”

In fact, he even claims that his being Mr. “nice guy” attracts illegal aliens… America is doomed!

The reality is, there are about 60 thousand illegal aliens in Panama right now waiting for their turn to travel north to America.

The one chart that exposes the big lie that crossing is seasonal shows the illegal immigration numbers under Biden to those during President Trump’s first year in office.

Watch it here: Youtube/France 24 English

And the Panamanian government is urging that about 4,000 people are making their way here in America.

It is also reported that there are about 16,000 illegal stuck in the Northern Colombian beach town of Necocli.

Watch it here: Youtube/Ruptly

Meanwhile, Colombia and Panama have agreed last month that only 500 migrants could cross per day but local officials have repeatedly urged them to increase the number of the quota to keep pace with up to 1,500 migrants who arrive in their towns. Newsmax has confirmed.

The United Nations have been informed by President Laurentino Cortizo of Panama that there are more than 80,000 illegals that have traveled through Panama this year and want international assistance to care for the illegals. Why not refuse entry to them?

Biden is politicizing the borders too, using our money to aid these aliens and aid the countries which made the aliens’ hope come true.

Watch a year it has been for America alone… Could anything get any worse?

Sources: 100% FedUp, Newsmax

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