Military Has REMOVED Several Leaders At Top Nuclear Sites…..


The United States Air Force has recently dismissed two commanders and four subordinates at North Dakota’s Minot Air Force Base, although the reason behind the decision remains shrouded in mystery.

The Air Force made the announcement via a news release on the 8th Air Force’s website but declined to give any further details on the matter. The statement indicated that Major General Andrew Gebara, the commander of the 8th Air Force, had dismissed two commanders from their positions due to a “loss of confidence in their ability to complete their assigned duties.” He also relieved four other subordinate leaders at the base.

In the news release, Gebara stated that the personnel actions were essential to maintaining the high standards demanded of units entrusted with supporting the nation’s nuclear mission.

“Eighth Force continues to safeguard global combat power and conduct around-the-clock strategic deterrence operations in a safe, secure, and effective manner. Our mission is foundational to our Nation’s defense, and we remain committed to the success of that no-fail mission,” he said.

The two commanders dismissed were identified by Task and Purpose as Col. Gregory Mayer and Maj. Jonathan Welch. Mayer led the 5th Mission Support Group, while Welch led the 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron. To protect the privacy of the individuals, no further details were released.

The Minot Air Force Base is one of only two bases in the United States that house both B-52 bombers and Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles. The base’s website indicates that it has 26 B-52 bombers and 150 Minuteman III missiles.

The Air Force Times reported that Mayer had only been in his position for eight months, having arrived at the base in June. The outlet stated that Mayer had held leadership roles in the civil engineering community in recent years and had spent 25 years in the military. He was responsible for overseeing 1,900 airmen in six squadrons at the North Dakota base.

The dismissal of commanders at Minot Air Force Base is not a new phenomenon. In 2018, the commanders of the 69th Bomb Squadron and the 91st Security Forces Group were dismissed, according to the Air Force Times. Additionally, in 2021, the commander of Minot’s 91st Missile Wing Operations Support Squadron was also dismissed.

The Air Force’s decision to dismiss the commanders and their subordinates have raised questions among some observers, given the high stakes of the nuclear mission entrusted to Minot Air Force Base. The lack of transparency surrounding the reasons for the dismissals has fueled speculation as to what may have occurred, with some suggesting that it could be related to lapses in training, readiness, or the overall morale of personnel at the base. However, until further information is released, the exact cause of the dismissals remains a mystery.

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