DOUBLE SUICIDE: The Clinton Body Count Has Added Another Number To The….


The sudden and unexpected deaths of people associated with the Clintons have long been a subject of conspiracy theories and speculation. The recent case of Mark Middleton, a special advisor to former President Bill Clinton, who was found dead with a gunshot wound to his chest and an extension cord around his neck, has only added fuel to the fire. Middleton’s body was found hanging from a tree at a 1,100-acre Perryville farm that is closely linked to Bill Clinton.

The investigation into Middleton’s death was closed after it was ruled a suicide, despite no weapon being found at the scene. However, this has led to much speculation and numerous conspiracy theories from those who are skeptical about the ruling.

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Radar Online has shed new light on Middleton’s death, prompting many to question the official story. According to a report written by Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson, Middleton’s body was found by Samantha McElroy, a worker at the ranch, who had discovered Middleton’s abandoned black BMW SUV. McElroy then walked around the cottage on the ranch and found Middleton’s body hanging from a tree.

“I could see what at first appeared to be a man sitting near a tree, as my eyes focused better, I could see a rope of some type going from the tree limb to the male,” Lawson wrote in his report.

Lawson also noted that Middleton had a gunshot wound to the chest and that he had a knot tied in an extension cord that was around his neck and attached to the limb directly above him.

The circumstances of Middleton’s death have led many to question whether there is more to the story than meets the eye. Some have pointed to the fact that Middleton was connected to Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile who died under mysterious circumstances while in federal custody in 2019.

The death of Middleton is just the latest in a string of mysterious deaths associated with the Clintons. The long list of deaths includes Seth Rich, a former Democratic National Committee staffer who was murdered in 2016, and Vince Foster, a former White House aide who was found dead in 1993. While there is no evidence to suggest that the Clintons were involved in any of these deaths, the sheer number of them has led many to speculate about foul play.

As the investigation into Middleton’s death continues, it remains to be seen whether any new information will come to light that will shed light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. For now, the public can only speculate and wonder about what really happened to Mark Middleton.

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