Pelosi’s Response To No Obama Invite Was Absolutely Embarrassing!


Well, this is kinda embarrassing…

It looks like Pelosi didn’t make the cut… lol

On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she had better things to do than to attend the former President Barack Obama’s extravagant 60th birthday celebration after she was disinvited when the former president ‘scaled back’ his party to about 300-400 people including guests and staff.

“I didn’t go. I had other parties to go to,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) replied when asked about Obama’s birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard.

Pelosi had just attended a church service Sunday morning when Kevin Blake, who was visiting the area from Connecticut, asked her about the party before thanking the veteran Democratic politician for “keeping the Republicans in line.”

Pelosi and Blake, a 61-year-old lawyer, then posed for a picture.

Over the weekend, the stalker Pelosi still traveled to Martha’s Vineyard, while she was having lunch with Oprah Winfrey at the very elite Vineyard Haven Country Club, Pelosi bumped into Obama and it was awkward and embarrassing.

According to The Daily Mail reports: on Saturday exclusively revealed the House Speaker had been cut from the list but traveled to the island regardless to attend a dinner in her honor, to be held on Sunday.

From one well-informed source, Saturday afternoon brought a tense meeting as Pelosi dined with Oprah Winfrey at the elite Vineyard Havens Country Club.

In a moment of unfortunate timing, Obama had been playing golf on the private course with friends and walked into the clubhouse just as the women dined.

The source saw the former president approached Winfrey and Pelosi’s table but could not hear if he extended the speaker a face-saving invitation amid the pleasantries exchanged. It is possible that Obama extended an invite after finding out Pelosi was in the neighborhood.

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