Larry The Cable Guy Just Took Sleepy Joe And Ripped Him Apart!


Biden just relentlessly lost his charm as to what Larry the Cable Guy compared Him to. This Cable Guy nailed it!

You will forever change the way you look at Biden after Larry the Cable Guy compares him to a Walmart store with 2 cashiers and no manager.

This whole mess of Biden’s administration caused in Afghanistan will surely be remembered by people around the world. Our Soldiers are Great yet our leaders  – the Biden’s administration seem useless and trouble makers.

Why? Simply withdrawing US forces in Afghanistan and letting 20 years fought war to lose against the Taliban.

Some US military expresses their frustration as to their friends whom they lost fighting on that long-fought war in Afghanistan.

The end was going to be painful. During the course of several administrations, the American public has grown tired of the war in Afghanistan and simply wanted it to end. The Biden administration decided to rip the bandage off, but unfortunately, it appears that they ripped off a tourniquet and we are watching the hemorrhaging of American honor and the death of the hopes and dreams of many Afghans—particularly for many girls and women.

Some Twitter users couldn’t agree more with Larry’s comparison to the President, said on Quote:

“This whole thing is killing my soul I spent a very long time in Afghanistan and have seen a lot of bad but I thought it was for the greater good. That’s what helps me sleep at night. I see a lot of sleepless nights ahead. Not just for me but for many of my brother/sisters at arms”

“One cashier.”

“Walmart makes a profit, our government will never!”

“Biden would make an excellent greeter .”

“It is no longer referred to as “Black Friday”. They want it to be called “ The day after White Thursday”…try and keep up.”

No wonder why American soldiers who fought and survived the war in Afghanistan worked really and putting their own lives at risk to secure a position and the President simply crumbled that and this is so much pain and disheartening right now, as this is to be considered an absolute slap in their faces.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Time

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