One Photo Of Sleepy Joe Proves That His Whole Presidency Is Staged!


He doesn’t seem worried about Afghans… And this viral photo confirms it.

Joe Biden wants everyone to know he follows the situation in Afghanistan. There’s even a photo of him sitting in the Camp David situation room.

Give me a break… Biden can’t even make a simple sentence. How will he protect Afghans?

Someone wants us to believe that Dementia Joe is really “engaged” in the situation in Kabul. His handlers want you to think that Biden is a serious guy who will handle things overnight. Well, it’s not going to happen.

We won’t bite into this one. Biden is not our leader, and he doesn’t even think of people outside his family. He is an old guy who enjoys his ice cream and this is probably the only thing he can do without Jill’s assistance.

Let’s go back to the photo from the situation room. It became viral and a lot of people criticized it for “outing” CIA officials who were seen on one of the screens.

Try to ignore this and pay attention to the following detail. Someone did a thorough analysis and discovered an awkward detail. Something was “off” and we have at least one good reason to believe this photo wasn’t taken yesterday.

Wonder why? Check out the time on the clocks.

Of course, there are several excuses for this and Biden will use the best of these.

Former Fox News producer Kyle Becker has a theory and he explained it in his latest tweet.

Here’s what he said: “Recent White House photos show a 3-hour time diff. b/w London & Moscow. There are a few good explanations for this. Either Camp David’s clocks are wrong or the photos are from before March 28, when London went ahead on Daylight Savings Time, but Moscow didn’t. This is *fine.*”

“Also, Tehran is an hour and a half difference from Moscow currently, which is why I circled it when I was checking it out. (And yes, that half-hour difference is right; India has a time zone with a half-hour difference as well.)”

“JOE IS NOT AT CAMP DAVID! THE WHOLE TV IS PHOTOSHOPPED INTO THE OLD PICTURE! The current time difference is 2 hours so this picture could not have been taken today. The whole TV is fake and this was not today.”

There’s another photo with Biden sitting in the situation room observing the situation in Afghanistan. No one is around. He is all by himself.

Here’s what people said online:

“There’s a few floating around .. there supposedly 26 mins apart according to the time zone clocks “

“His sunglasses appear in the suit version, and his facemask has moved to his right and is crumpled. Seems he left and came back.”

“That’s the pic I first saw and thought it odd he was in a suit on vacation”

“Why would they leave this guy alone? He’s never alone, there’s always 18 thousand people there to catch him when he falls”

“Who wears a suit on vacation LOL “

“They want us to think that Joe is this strong, capable leader when really, he’s a guy eating egg yolk off his chin”

“Kamala has changed clothes, opened her window and it’s early morning hours in the second picture. The lady in the blue dress is gone and another male present in the second pic.”

“One was supposedly from yesterday the other from this morning… Still Doesn’t explain the time difference between London and Moscow”

“Pictures of him carrying a briefcase or writing some shit, like this pic, are grossly hilarious. You know DAMN well the only thing in his briefcase is a PBJ and a juice box. If it were only a skit and not real life.”

Well, I don’t know why the times were “off” on the clocks, but I can tell you why everyone’s suspicious of anything and everything involving Joe – because we can all see that he’s a very sick man and he doesn’t have his wits about him, yet, the media and handlers behind the scenes want to make us think he does…and that doesn’t “jive” with a lot of people.

Understandably so…

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