Joe Biden Caught On Camera Wandering Into The Bushes Outside…


Joe Biden has been roasted online after he appeared lost while walking through the White House lawn as he asked those around him “which way are we going?” after participating in a tree planting ceremony for Dale Haney, the White House grounds superintendent.

The incident took place on Monday shortly after the 79-year-old Biden and his wife, Jill, planted an elm tree on the South Lawn in honor of the White House’s groundskeeper who marked 50 years on the job.

Haney, 70, who is the chief White House groundskeeper, has seen 10 presidents come and go while tending to the grounds. He has not only cared for the president and their families living at the presidential residence but also cared for and looked after their pets.

Biden, on other hand, seemed to have forgotten the direction he was supposed to head to as he walked on the South Lawn of the White House. Joe, who has major cognitive issues appeared confused again during a tree-planting ceremony on the lush green land and was helped by staffers who helped him move in the correct direction.

The incident quickly went viral on social media, where some internet users ridiculed the 79-year-old, and others expressed genuine concern. A video shared on Twitter by Real Mac Report displayed Biden walking towards the end of the lawn before doing a 180 and asking one of the staffers, “Where are we going?” The staffers are then seen showing Biden the right way, to which the leader asks- “What if I want to go that way?”  

“You can do whatever you want,” another staffer says. “Yeah, I notice how much freedom I have,” Biden quipped before walking towards the White House with Jill Biden.

You can watch the video below:

According to WayneDupree, here’s what people online are saying:

“My God, he’s getting worse by the day” 

“How can anybody take this guy seriously?”

“I wish he would have just kept walking, like Forrest Gump, and we’d never see him again.” 

“Where are we going? Hey, Joe, I think we all would like to know the answer to that question.”

“If this were trump the 25th amendment would already be drawn up”

“81 million votes my ass!”

“As you can see, Jill is so over all of this” 

“It would have been interesting if they just let him walk and followed.”

“To think that he could or would be making a decision about pressing the Nuclear Launch Button.”

“Not unusual. He got lost going back into the WH from the Rose Garden even with the SS agents directing him.”

“He got lost in a forest with one tree LOL” 

“Escape from Whispering Hill Dementia Center…”

“Laughing stock of the World.”

“He’s been President 2 years and still doesnt know where the White House is?”

We all know this isn’t the first time that Joe Biden’s occasional state of confusion has sparked a laughing riot on social media.

The incident had all the earmarkings of a person in cognitive decline. This kind of kabuki Alzheimer’s dance has been going on since Biden took office. Last week, he appeared to struggle when leaving the stage at a rally in Pittsburgh.

His gaffes and evident mental decline have made the United States a laughing stock on the world stage.

In fact, just last week, Biden looked puzzled as he tried to figure out the exit while standing on a stage. In another instance last week, Biden seemed to zone out in the middle of a conversation with MSNBC journalist Jonathan Capehart. “Mr. President —,” Capehart said after a question he asked the president was followed by a long pause.

Source: WayneDupree

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