How Much Big Tech CENSORS Biden Criticism Is Absolutely….


It is pretty obvious that Big Tech sided with the far-left Democrat Party, they might even secretly funded these Democrats during the election in a way to protect their businesses.

No wonder, the Dems have morphed into a communist, socialist, lunatic entity with the help of Big Tech.

Ever wonder when you post something that goes against far-left Twitter’s narrative, you get either suspended or totally banned from the platform.

Andrew Breitbart described this Democrat-Media complex that works together to destroy any messages that they do not like. Lies are promoted and the truth is censored in this current environment.

So, this recent report from The Media Research Center is no longer a surprise for me, they said that they identify massive censorship by Big Tech. Again, Democrats are well protected by Big Tech.

Here is the report from Newsmax confirming the recent massive censorship from Big Tech. 

The Media Research Center, a media watchdog group, has identified more than 600 occasions in which Big Tech companies censored criticism of President Joe Biden, dating back to March 2020.

The collected data ran through the MRC’s CensorTrack database, which monitors censorship of prominent political voices by leading Silicon Valley platforms, and covered the 24-month period of March 2020 to March 2022.

The findings revealed that prominent social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter concealed Biden critiques 646 times over the two-year cycle.

The MRC reported:

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