NFL Finally Bows Down to the Public Call for Players to STAND during the National Anthem

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America has been dealing with NFL controversy since the beginning of last season, but it looks like things have finally been settled on an organization wide scale in what appears to be a pathetic attempt to save face.

The decision to allow NFL players the right to protest during games in which they receive a very handsome paycheck has completely backfired regardless of the ‘true’ intentions surrounding the ridiculous affair. As more and more fans refuse to support the over entitled actions of these ‘oppressed’ players, the entire organization, as well as its sponsors and advertisers, are experiencing the effects of income loss and their willingness to reverse these detrimental effects are now surfacing.

Without making a huge deal, the NFL has officially revised the protocol players are to adhere to in reference to the national anthem and long story short, stand or face the financial and employability aspects of your future as an overpaid football player.

Via IJR:

After a month of record numbers of National Football League national anthem protests, ticket sales are down, ratings have plummeted, and fans have begun boycotting the league. Some NFL teams have implemented new policies requiring their players to stand, while others have allowed their players to continue voicing their opinions during the anthem.

But now, it appears the NFL has changed several lines in its operations manual for the national anthem, which could be an attempt to save its business that’s on a downward spiral. The league fed ESPN’s Chris Mortensen small segments of the new policies:

The policy in 2014 reads that failure to be on the field at the start of the national anthem “may result in disciplinary action from the League office.” But now, the policy reads that failure to be on the field “will result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violation of the above, including first offenses.”

In short:

They’ve added more punishment in the new game operations policy and completely removed disciplinary action coming form the league office. Now the question is whether it will be enforced.

Finally, football can be JUST football once again.

2 thoughts on “NFL Finally Bows Down to the Public Call for Players to STAND during the National Anthem

  1. I don’t expect the players to honer the flag because they are that dumb. They think they are God. I will believe it if there is no disrespect for the remainder of this football season. I will not watch a game this year, because I don’t think they got the message yet.

  2. I am a huge steeler fan but i am not watching this season. I may watch next year if they all stand for our anthem and take their protest off of the field the rest of this year.

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