Bill O’Reilly Makes MAJOR Announcement – Do You Stand With Him?

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Bill O’Reilly makes a huge announcement after the accusations of sexually harassing women arose.

Bill O’Reilly has been around for many, many years. He worked for CBS, ABC, Inside Edition and currently Fox News. This man is the author of over a dozen books. His beliefs and values are conservative for the most part, though he labels himself a “traditionalist.”

He is known for his special on Fox News called “The O’Reilly Factor.” During his time on Fox News he has come under some fire after accusations of sexual harassment came up. Women are accusing him of this behavior though the channel stands by him and his innocence in the matter.

From WNP Journal:

Fox News announced it is seeking to extend Bill O’Reilly’s contract.

O’Reilly’s current contract expires in June, and it is worth $18 million annually. However, the Wall Street journal reported that O’Reilly will be re-upped by the network.  Despite the vicious attacks against him.

“We are now seriously considering legal action to defend Mr. O’Reilly’s reputation,” claimed Bill’s lawyer Fredric S. Newman

“I’m a father who cares deeply for my children and who would do anything to avoid hurting them in any way. And so, I have put to rest any controversies to spare my children,” concluded O’Reilly.

If he is innocent, then he has to start fighting these women who are accusing him. Maybe he should do as President Trump did and threaten to sue them for accusing him falsely. That is the only way it will stop.

One woman claims harassment and two suddenly come forward. It is a favorite ruse used by liberals to get someone out. Fight Bill, fight!

What do you think? Do you stand with Bill O’Reilly?

89 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Makes MAJOR Announcement – Do You Stand With Him?

  1. I don’t believe any of the women making these claims. I do believe it is political propaganda and am SO tired of the liberals always trying to discredit FOX News and the anchors themselves. I will continue to watch the O’Reilly Factor and FOX News Channel because I do think the reporting is fair and balanced. Hang in there Bill, the truth will prevail.

    1. Many people are jealous, they have been trying to bring Bill O’ Reilly down for years. I have watched him for years, I don’t always agree with him but I respect his Integrity and the love he has for children. and America. He has a GOOD Heart. Mr. Bill O’Reilly has continued to give much money to help those who can’t help themselves. I haven’t seen this giving heart from many who makes the money he makes.
      I stand with him until I see proof of any wrong doing. We are fast becoming a Nation of Liars and no one should tear another’s reputation down by Gossip. Our One and Only Living God will hold us accountable.

    2. Many people are jealous, they have been trying to bring Bill O’ Reilly down for years. I have watched him for years, I don’t always agree with him but I respect his Integrity and the love he has for children. and America. He has a GOOD Heart. Mr. Bill O’Reilly has continued to give much money to help those who can’t help themselves. I haven’t seen this giving heart from many who make the money he makes.
      I stand with him until I see proof of any wrong doing. We are fast becoming a Nation of Liars and no one should tear another’s reputation down by Gossip. Our One and Only Living God will hold us accountable.

    3. I believe O’Reilly is being falsely accused. These women are just after a large some of money. Don’t give it to them, Bill, otherwise there will be more coming out of the woodwork.

    4. You have written an outstanding comment! I support Bill all the way…Liberals only unvderstand the counter attack…hit their pocketbook by suing them! Plus, when you put them in the news ( legitimate news ) they usually DON’T like it!

    5. D wells

      Good for you. You’re one of the smart ones. I seriously doubt all the women who rush forward for a pay check.

  2. I’m standing with Bill O’Reilly…..Just don’t understand why they gave these women all that money…I also believe it wasn’t sexual harassment…He probably put them in their place from time to time….Sexual harassment is too broad a term…If a man looks crooked at a woman they yell sexual harassment…..GROW UP LADIES AND BRUSH IT OFF…. GROW SOME B#%?S….You want equal rights then take it like a man….LOL

  3. Bill is a genuine great person who’s unfortunately under the attack from the left . Yes he has to keep on fighting and I stand behind him and so does the rest of Fox news follower’s, and by the way what ediot would watch fake news ,the ratings of those other networks are down keep on trucking Bill we will always love your​ point of view


  5. i stand with Bill money makes liars out of the lot of them they will do anything to tear somegood down and do nothing about the evil that is really out there

  6. Hi Bill,Have been watching Fox News for about thirteen years an I think you are a good guy and would not do what you are accused of. I hope they come very unstuck. Do a Trump on them. Good luck Bill,I wish you all the best

  7. I have always liked Bill O’Reilly, and I hope these allegations are false. To be honest, half the sexual harassment charges that have been presented, are ridiculous. This whole phenomenon has, just like immigration, gotten out of hand. If Bill required sex, in return for a woman keeping her job, THAT IS SEXUAL HARRASSMENT! Anything else is much ado about nothing, in my opinion. I would have to hear the complaints, and see proof of their charges, to believe any of it. I find Bill O’Reilly to be intelligent and worldly, and decent, and can hardly believe he would have done anything like that.

  8. This is fake news and the liberals trying discredit Bill!
    Don’t let these bastards get away with it , fight back

  9. All of these women coming forward are lying…someone is behind this and paying them good money.. I stand behind you Mr O’Reilly 100%!!

  10. The looney leftie lying liberals will do anything to bring down President Trump and Fox News. George Soros is funding all things looney and these libs are buying it all up to try to stay relevant.

  11. What a pathetic bunch.
    What you are saying is that “sexual harassment” is fine by you. I guess if this happened to your wife, sister or daughter you would be okay with it then too.
    You are what is wrong with this country.

    1. What’s wrong with this country is a pathetic sheep like you. Most of the world knows where all these allegations are coming from. The Libs want to take him down because his is the highest rated cable news show, and he leans conservative. I don’t believe a single one of those silly women. It’s just too damned coincidental and oh so convenient… CNN and MSNBC a “thrill up their collective legs”,

  12. Convict based on what? Remember the Duke Lacrosse Team, etal. So I call you an idiot and therefore it must be true since you believe an accusation is a conviction.

    1. Amen! We stand with Bill. He and Sean Hannity are our favorites many years, and we have deep respect for these guys.

  13. Mr. O’Reilly, you and Fox News are the only reasons I have hope in our media. Do not bend. Do not break. America needs you and the rest of the Fox team to give us the truth.

  14. Do you know how long and how many lawyers you can hire for the 13 million they paid out? We like Bill from seeing him on tv but who really know’s him.


  16. The only way he can stop this is NOT to settle but to fight. He has the money and power to do it. Trump is right and I am disappointed that he is settling. He talks tough but then pays these women off?

  17. So far, I have only seen liberal woman suing for ” sexual harassment”…it’s just one more liberal excuse for not getting their way, which if they do, will ultimately destroy this country..follow the money behind the lawsuits..Soros is somewhere in the mix…

  18. They should do an investigation. If they have evidence that is solid he should get the maximum. If they find solid evidence he was falsely accused the accuser should receive the same punishment. I’m sick and tired of women coming forward years later to make accusations only after they see a pay day. I’m also sick of how men treat women. Our society jokes about sex, porn, bondage like it was funny. It is not . I’m not a big fan of O’Reily but I think I know a man of character when I see one. For the wome at Fox that seen a pay day (not all of them) shame on you.

  19. Bill is no fool.He is too smart to stoop to these tactics. Get real girls. go smoke your pipe. I am with you 100 percent Bill.

  20. Thank God, Bill, you work for Fox News. A good fair and balanced company. We think you should listen to our President! He doesn’t believe in settling, and paying off these people. Otherwise, you will have em coming at you from all sides. They get their 15 mins of fame , and lots of$$$$$.

  21. We stand with you Bill! Just another smear job by libs…..remember Herman Cain just to mention. Their agenda is if they cannot beat you with argument they personally attack one’s character!!! Don’t back down Bill!!!!!!

  22. I always stand with Bill O’Reilly and FOX NEWS. They at least tell the most truth over all other stations!!

  23. If all news casters, politicians and men in general was honest, most (not all ) would be in a heap of trouble. If for no other reason than looking. I’m sticking will Bill. If his past is past then move on. Or maybe he’s innocent of the accusations.

  24. Bill O’Reilly has been around the block in journalism way too long to stoop to the tactics that would allow him to be accused of such injustice as sexual harassment in the workplace. If he were looking for “outside recreation,” he could easily find it elsewhere. Frankly, based on his books and his commentary that I’ve viewed for nearly 20 years, I see Bill as a moral and traditional human being who loves and respects, not only his own children, but all the children who have been abused or neglected throughout the world. These accusations are too easily made by immoral minds who want to tarnish and shake down a public and highly successful personality.

  25. I STAND with Bill. He is a man of great values and these women are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I’m sure that the liberal media would do anything to make him go away, but it won’t work, because those of us who are his fans know he is worth supporting, and I will be first in line. God bless him and He has your back and so do we…

  26. The radical liberals are amoral people. Their behavior is sociopathic. They care nothing if destroying a persons reputation in order to foster their so called progressive agenda. Suing each individual who accuses someone is the way to go. I no longer give credence to anything the movement says due to the history of exposed lies.

  27. Fight these women who make this crap up , the Democrats are pushing it, then sue them when it’s over, this cap will stop.

  28. I Stand With Bill All The Way, Sue The Liberals Who Are Behind This Kind Of Conduct, And You Will Find That The Great Majority Of Them Are Democratic Liberals, Working On A Program To Bring Fighting Conservatives Down, Don’t Let This Happen Bill, Sue Them And Shut Them Down. “God Be With You Bill”, And, “May GOD Bless You Abundantly”, Keep Fighting Bill, With The “Lord” By Your Side !!

  29. I believe those women have been paid to do this. They should be held responsible for damaging his reputation. God bless you and stay strong

  30. I do believe these women has been paid to accuse Mr. O’Reilly. This is the work of the sick left.
    I think he is being set up. Old crooked Hilliary is
    Is giggling.

  31. I don’t think for a minute that Bill O’Reilly would do this. He’s probably one of the most honest men on TV. Ppl lease, where did the liberals digs these women up…

  32. Bill is too powerful for the left. He can expose the lefts dirty dealing in just minutes on his show. Lefts approach is always character assassination. Same as they tried with Trump as they fear with Trump being President is his access to see and learn of their political rape of our tax dollars for their entrenched power over us all. Now Bill knows what Trump is going through. Both are are strong men that will fight to expose the truth. May the truth prevail for the betterment of our society.

  33. I stand with Bill; I believe he is a good, honest and generous man. One of the few channels that we still watch. I understand him not wanting to cause his family any undue problems… but maybe IF he went to court against these ‘women’… I think it would stop the ‘money grabbers’! If Bill goes, there will be one less channel we watch!

  34. Don and I are behind you bill, It’s getting to easy for women to accuse someone of sexual harassment to gain money, If Bill goes,we will not watch Fox any more

  35. I got your back Bill I met your in restaurant in westberry L I Franks Steaks You went out of your way to thank me for my service it was in the parking lot for that you are a stand up guy you look out for the little guy and even Miller said hello lol had a great nite at your show thanks Bill dont back down

  36. Bill you stand up and fight…..Lies will never stand and anything done in the dark will be brought to light..I don’t believe these women, and yes turn around and sew them, and also place charges on them for slander….women or to be ashamed of themselves for publicly humility someone al, anyone. I pray God reveals these women for who they are….there are alot of women and young women if they wouldn’t reveal alot of themselves then they wouldn’t get harasst you get what you ask for. Women do things to make accusations that ain’t true.. .Go after them Bill.

  37. I stand with Mr. O’Reilly. I watch him every night. I don’t believe a word people are saying. There are people in this world who let Jealousy control their lives and drive them to hurt other people. FIGHT Mr. O’Reilly!

  38. I stand with Bill. I have watch him every night for the last 5 years. I don’t believe what those women claim. It sounds to much like all the other people who have been slanderd by people who want him off the air.

  39. I would like to say first of all, We stand behind you Bill O’Reilly! My husband and I have been watching Fox Channel since Trump announced his running for presidency. Your segments have always been fair and honest. It appears that when a male figure speaks his mind or disagrees with an issue,he is accused of sexual harassment. These women come out of the woodwork, just like President Trump dealt with. Bottom line is please don’t stop being Bill O’Reilly! Your a great man!

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