Democrats Are Voting To BLOCK Trump’s Cabinet – But What The GOP Did To Obama Deserves Mentioning


Democrats have been giving President Trump hell, they either don’t show up or vote no.

This utter disrespect is unprecedented!

From IJR:

We’re two weeks into President Trump’s administration, yet so far just three of his cabinet nominees have been approved by the U.S. Senate. That’s because Senate Democrats have been dragging their feet, delaying votes for as long as they possibly can. Moreover, when forced to vote, they have been voting unanimously no.

How does this compare to how Senate Republicans as the minority party treated former President Obama in 2009?

For all the complaints about GOP “obstruction,” Republicans in 2009 not only allowed votes on Obama’s cabinet nominees – most of the time, they joined Democrats in approving them. Republicans aren’t lying when they say this is unprecedented. Take a look at the blatant contrast on three of the biggest positions.

Obama’s Secretary of State vs Trump’s Secretary of State

When Obama nominated Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, she was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 16-1. Nearly every Republican voted yes (for Clinton!)

In contrast, Trump’s nominee Rex Tillerson was barely approved 11-10 (every Democrat voted no.)

Obama’s Attorney General vs. Trump’s Attorney General

When Obama nominated Eric Holder for Attorney General, he was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee 17-2. Nearly every Republican voted yes.

In contrast, Trump’s nominee Jeff Sessions was barely approved 11-9 (every Democrat voted no.)

Obama’s Health Secretary vs. Trump’s Health Secretary

When Obama nominated Kathleen Sebelius for Health and Human Services Secretary, Obama’s commitment to healthcare reform made her candidacy more controversial. But even then, two Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee voted yes and the panel approved her 15-8.

In contrast, boycotting Democrats didn’t even bother showing up to vote for Trump’s nominee Tom Price, who was approved 14-0.

Honorable Bipartisan Mention…

In a rare display of bipartisanship, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved General James Mattis, Trump’s nominee for Defense Secretary, 19-1. Trump’s Transportation Secretary nominee, Elaine Chao, also received bipartisan approval.

Obviously, GOP has more respect and class…

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