If You Can See The Reason Why These Five Teens At The Prom Are Setting The World On Fire, You Are…


Prom season has finally arrived and that can only mean one thing: teenagers dressed up in their best suits and prom dresses and full of unreasonable expectations. And most people look back at high school prom photos with some mixture of embarrassment and nostalgia. Not Eleanor Clarke.

A group of teenagers poses in front of the camera. The girls are on their way to the prom and have dressed up elegantly for the big evening. But one of them has a secret that can be clearly seen in the picture – and that should cause a lot of fuss later. Can you spot it?

Nope? You might be thinking these girls look absolutely stunning and sexy.

Okay – it’s the blonde girl in the black dress. Her name is Eleanor Clarke and she didn’t want to accept the strict rules of her school for the upcoming party. After all, rebelling against bans is a long teenage tradition – just like the creativity and ingenuity with which Eleanor came up with a particularly clever trick for the elegant prom.

Clarke, you see, managed to use a hip flask instead of a clutch and took it to prom. Clarke was not about to let the law stop her from having fun at prom.

With her revealing, low-cut dress, Clarke showed up to the iconic dance with a metallic clutch handbag in tow. But on closer inspection, it was clear that her “purse” was not used for holding her lipstick and makeup. It was housing a profuse amount of hard alcohol to get her and her friends sloshed.

Clarke did not get caught. Instead, she shared photos of her prom hack with her followers on Twitter and the images went viral in no time. Now revelers around the globe are thanking her for her wisdom in breaking the rules and getting her best buddies drunk alongside her at the dance.

When she uploaded the images of her giant flask handbag, Clarke wrote: “Still don’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch.”

The photo eventually amassed over 319,000 likes and over 64,000 retweets. Well played Clarke, well played.

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