What Is Happening At Biden’s Border Is Pure Chaos!


Biden’s border is a madhouse right now, with mostly adult-male men trying to get into Texas… They bum-rush their way!

Right now, It just got a lot worse in Biden’s disastrous border.

A large group arrived at the US border in Texas today, mostly adult-age male migrants, and proceeds to try and “bum-rush” the gates.

With the hopes of entering the United States, the migrants were seen at the gate arriving. Mostly some of 300-400 migrants are coming from Haiti. The state troopers from Nebraska, Florida, and Texas, along with members of the National Guard and Border Patrol, were reportedly met the migrants, according to a report from Fox News.

 “A large majority of the migrants, including single adult men, have been let into the United States and taken into custody. At least 200+ have been taken away in buses. More still coming, more still waiting”

Right now, our country is in absolute shambles…

The inflation is soaring, gas prices are through the roof, the small businesses are closing because people would rather stay at home, and collect some unemployment benefits, the housing costs are insane, the confidence in the builders market has plummeted, the stock market is crashing, and illegal aliens are storming out on our borders.

COVID cases supposedly now are back on the rise, and speaking of COVID…

Are these people who are trying to illegally invade our country being tested for Covid, and where’s that data? My sincere question in here

If indeed COVID cases are rising, I’d look to the 1 million+ illegal aliens that Biden is dropping off all over the US.

I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how that could be the culprit, instead of Americans who are leery about taking a vaccine that is operating under FDA “emergency approval” not time-tested routine FDA approved.

Sources: WayneDupree, NewsWeek

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