Everyone At The Funeral Busted Into Tears Laughing When The Deceased Played One Last Joke On Them All…


In an unexpected turn of events, Irish mourners found themselves chuckling through their tears at a funeral when the deceased played one last prank on his loved ones.

The funeral was for Shay Bradley, an Irish Defense Force veteran who passed away after a battle with cancer. As family and friends gathered to pay their respects and listen to the bagpipes, they were shocked to hear a recorded message from Bradley himself.

With a mischievous twist, Bradley had arranged for the recording to play at his funeral in Kilmanagh, Leinster, Ireland. As the somber bagpipe music played, Bradley’s voice suddenly broke through, asking, “Hello? Hello?” and knocking against what sounded like the inside of his coffin, exclaiming, “Let me out!”

The mourners couldn’t help but laugh at the well-timed prank, a testament to Bradley’s good sense of humor even in the face of death. A grandfather of eight, he was known for his wit and ability to bring joy to others. This final act of humor during his funeral was no exception, as it quickly spread online and gained attention from local media.

The video of the funeral, uploaded to YouTube by Liverpool ECHO, sparked a wide range of reactions, with many viewers sharing their own personal stories and thoughts on humor in dark times. Some found it touching and beautiful, while others considered it a reminder that even in the face of death, there’s still room for laughter and happiness.

“Imagine passing by and seeing a bunch of people laughing at the funeral.”

“He was dying to pull that prank.”

“He just buried all of the sadness… So anyone can still be happy.”

“Humor makes dark times better. This is touching, beautiful, and sad.”

“He left them one last laugh to remember him by. That’s really awesome.”

“We’re all going to die. Why not have fun with it? It’s a great idea.”

One viewer, Mel Dempsey, shared a story about her own grandfather’s funeral, where a similar humorous comment lightened the atmosphere. The consensus seemed to be that humor can make difficult times more bearable and that it’s essential to find joy in life, even when saying goodbye.

Shay Bradley’s prank not only left his loved ones with a memorable moment to cherish but also inspired others to reflect on the importance of humor and positivity during life’s most challenging moments.

Source: AWM

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