How Much This Man Had To Spend On ONE FILL UP Is Absolutely Insane!


Gas prices have surged to record highs following a season of inflation, leaving regular commuters struggling to adjust; however, a Chicago man went viral after sharing a TikTok video about pouring nearly $1,000 of gas into his family’s RV.

TikTok user @riley.14_ shared a video of her father, Mark, filling up his converted Prevost bus on his way to a Florida vacation on the social media platform, last week.

Many viewers were aghast at the expenditure when the pump reads a whopping $944.85 for 170 gallons of fuel. The video has been watched more than 16.3 million times.

Explaining her thought process to Fox News Digital, Riley says she saw some other videos across the social media platform highlighting the gas crisis throughout the country. She decided to make a video of her father filling up the 170-gallon tank – something that usually cost the family around $300.

When it was all said and done, the Chicago family put $944 worth of gas into the tank of their RV.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen $500 and then with the prices today — it was actually pretty shocking … reflecting back on looking at the gas pump at $944,” the father said.

Admittedly, Riley said she didn’t post the video for any kind of sympathy – but rather to show how much gas prices have risen.

Riley told Fox News Digital, “I thought it had potential, but nothing like how viral it went, I thought maybe, at most, like a million views … I’m very shocked.”

“It literally just blew up,” he said. “I’m still kind of shocked at all the publicity,” he added.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“When I tell you my jaw was on the floor,” one commenter said.Another person said, “That actually makes me want to cry.”

“I was way off.””Just move in, you just paid rent/mortgage.”

“When I tell you my jaw was on the floor,”

“I said $300,I was way off.”

Watch it here: Tiktok/ @riley.14_

Sources: Wnd, Foxnews, Headtopics


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