Elon Musk Has Broken His Silence And What He Said Will…


Elon Musk posted a photo of himself with Pope Francis on Thursday on Twitter on Friday night, ending a nine-day hiatus on the social media site that he is attempting to buy for $44 billion.

“Honored to meet @Pontifex yesterday,” Musk tweeted of the Friday afternoon audience, alongside a photo showing Musk, Francis, and four of Musk’s teenage children.

The head of Tesla and SpaceX made no mention of the meeting’s location or specifics and made no comments regarding his private audience with Pope Francis.

Musk also tweeted a tribute to a late popular YouTuber who died of cancer, that included a quote from the popular video game character Sonic the Hedgehog,

“Popular Minecraft  YouTuber Technoblade with 12 Billion subscribers recently passed away at the age of 23 due to cancer, and this made [me] realize that cancer is [an] absurd piece of literal garbage and death, but also try to live your best life with people who know. They could die the following day, and you would regret not doing things with them,” the Billionaire wrote.

On June 21, Musk shared a photo of gas prices higher than $7.00 in his last tweet on his personal account.

From Mediaite:

Charlie Gasparino of Fox News stated that he thought Musk had not tweeted because of the ongoing discussions he and the Twitter board of directors were having.

On Friday, before Musk’s tweets, to host Neil Cavuto on “Your World,” Gasparino said, “So, take it for what it’s worth. And some of these bankers proclaim to be involved at least tangentially in the discussions, Musk’s discussions to take over Twitter. They say he is negotiating right now with Twitter about a lower price. His lawyers essentially have told him to lay off Twitter while this negotiation goes down because they’re not sure exactly where it’s going to show up.”

“This thing could also be heading for litigation, for once, he’s listening to his lawyers. So that’s kind of where we are. And the price tag, a lot of people think, that’s gonna be worked out.” He added.

“They’re looking at a way to creatively finance this where everybody makes a few bucks and walks away, They’re in a pickle.” he said.

But same-day on his last tweet (June 21), Twitter’s board of directors recommended that shareholders approve Musk’s proposed acquisition, but the stock price of Twitter is still much below Musk’s asking price, signaling considerable doubt that the sale will actually happen.

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