Don Lemon Just LOST His Mind And Totally Insulted….[WATCH]


What do you know when you are only CNN host Don Lemon? Have you ever done your homework?

This guy is a complete moron, he has completely lost it and insulted unvaxxed people on national television.

In a show ‘New Day’ he spoke and insulted people who refuse to take the vaccines and called them idiots.

Watch the video below:

After this complete display of being a moron, Don Lemon can be easily fired because of this commenting. We are living in a free country (Americans) and on the other hand, Biden thinks that if you follow their protocols, you are safe cause it’s not!

Fox News Reported:

CNN host Don Lemon railed against people not vaccinated against the coronavirus Tuesday, referring to them as “idiots” and imploring Americans as a whole to “start doing things for the greater good of society.”

During an appearance on “New Day,” Lemon placed blame on the unvaccinated for the continued mutation and spread of the coronavirus and mocked people for “doing their research” about the virus and vaccines.

Well, thanks to Don Lemon’s statements because CNN has just trended on Twitter with hate as everything Don said will surely reflect their broken reputation.

These are just a few comments from his harsh and one-sided opinion but more are coming from an open world.

If Don is paying attention to legit news, he would have realized how it’s more dangerous to be vaccinated.

For the record, these vaccines can not keep you away from the virus. That’s one big point that no one can defend, so why enforce it as a requirement? The numbers just don’t lie.

Sources: We Love Trump, Fox News

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