COME ON! Liberals Are Now Trying To Cancel AIR CONDITIONING?


An article is released by Time Magazine with a piece called, “AC Feels Great, But It’s Terrible for the Planet. Here’s How to Fix That.”

And the conclusion of the whole article is we should stop and get rid of the air conditioners instead of fixing them.

Below is what the author complains about air conditioners:

The troubled history of air-conditioning suggests not that we chuck it entirely but that we focus on public cooling, on public comfort, rather than individual cooling, on individual comfort. Ensuring that the most vulnerable among the planet’s human inhabitants can keep cool through better access to public cooling centers, shade-giving trees, safe green spaces, water infrastructure to cool, and smart design will not only enrich our cities overall, but it will also lower the temperature for everyone. It’s far more efficient this way.

To do so, we’ll have to re-orient ourselves to the meaning of air-conditioning. And to comfort. Privatized air-conditioning survived the ozone crisis, but its power to separate—by class, by race, by nation, by ability—has survived, too. Comfort for some comes at the expense of the life on this planet.

It’s time we become more comfortable with discomfort. Our survival may depend on it.

So in other words, if we want to save the planet earth, we have to wait in line to sit in a fountain under a shade tree. No word on if TIME magazine plans on ceasing the use of AC at their offices anytime soon.

This may sound crazy, but it is obviously for the course for environmental extremists. And there are people on the Left that seriously want to get rid of air conditioning, planes, gas-powered cars, and even cows. These people are not on the fringes either. They are in the mainstream of the Democratic Party. Some of them are even in Congress. However, the public has zero interest in doing any of these things and even most liberals aren’t going to willingly go along with it. Virtue signaling about the environment costs nothing, but as we have seen over and over again, even liberals aren’t willing to dramatically change their lifestyles over global warming.

Source: The Dan Bongino Show

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  1. Sure no problem,they can remove or not use the AC at all and solves a big part of their problems.They can live without AC for sure

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