This Little Boy PLEADED For His Life, What The Bus Driver Did Should Have Them…


A now-viral video shows a boy being assaulted shortly after the bus driver mercilessly shoves him off the bus despite his cries for help is being investigated by the police.

After the Locust Grove Police Department informed them of a video captured at a bus stop, the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into a bullying incident.

The cell phone video shows a student being punched after getting off a Locust Grove Public Schools bus.

The Mayes County Sheriff’s Office says it’s working to learn exactly what happened leading up to the moments shown in the video.

The child was attacked by a bully after he was forced off the bus. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

The video, posted on Facebook, is 47 seconds long and shows the intense situation between two Locust Grove students.

Before punches are thrown a student makes it clear he doesn’t want to get off the bus.

You’re gonna kill and try to punch me,” he pleaded.

The Mayes County Sheriff’s Office says an adult voice is heard interrupting the situation.

 “Hey, get outta here. Go!” the voice said.

“The video is alarming itself,” Major Rod Howell said. “And obviously it’s enough to start an investigation.”

Investigators are looking at another mobile phone video as well as two cameras from the bus, according to Howell. He claims that the school system is cooperating and that detectives are seeking to obtain information from the black box on the bus.

“Not just visual but audio,” Howell said. “That could possibly give us something of evidentiary value but it’s too early to tell.”

Locust Grove Public Schools
Major Rod Howell confirmed that the bus driver is under investigation. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

The situation unfolded at the Four Corners Church of God bus stop last week, but the sheriff’s office says it just found out about it Thursday. Howell says the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs is aware of the situation.

“We don’t wanna knee-jerk and no rush to judgment here whatsoever,” Howell said. “We just wanna get all the facts as they come in and be objective about this.”

Locust Grove Public Schools released a statement saying the student’s and bus driver’s actions “have been addressed internally.”

Watch it here: Youtube/News On 6

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