Top Dems Caught Plotting To Impeach Trump Using 25th Amendment


Democrats are accusing Donald Trump of being “insane” so they’re plotting to impeach him by using the 25th Amendment.

After every other attempt to get their way has failed miserably, democrats are now trying to find reason to impeach President Trump. “Voter fraud” accusations by Jill Stein, “Russia hacking” scandals, accusing Trump of “conflict of interest”, trying to get “faithless” electors, riots, protests, marches…

None of that worked so next on their list is impeachment.

World News Politics reports,

The 1967 amendment was designed for situations where a president was undergoing surgery, or anesthesia. Obviously, Trump is not about to declare himself unfit for office so using the 25th amendment will require a majority of cabinet officers and the vice president, or a group “of such other body as Congress may by law provide” along with the vice president, to declare the president incapable of performing his duties.

Democrats are deluded if they think this will ever happen. Every other attempt has actually ended in Trump’s favor. He gained more votes in the recount, Hillary lost more electoral votes than Trump in the push for them to turn on him, and I’m sure this plan will fail just as miserably.

Liberals will actually have to get up there and lie about Trump being incapacitated for this to even inch forward at all.

The CORRUPT Democrats want to impeach the President because their CORRUPTION will be stopped to make America great and rich again. Instead American people should impeach these corrupt libtard Democrats, how about that?!

I like the sound of that… Who’s up for this plan? 


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