Black Lives Matter Block Road To Protest Trump – INSTANTLY Regret It


Black Lives Matter, once again, causing a ruckus, “protesting” in the streets. More like rioting…

The BLM has risen up under Barack Obama’s presidency. The race baiting and complete disrespect for law enforcement has become ridiculously out of control under Obama. These punks keep blocking roads in “protest”. Some wonderful person made a compilation video showing drivers who weren’t going to put up with rioters in the street!

This is great, watch below…

From Truth Monitor:

This comes days after an anti-Trump protest on a highway stopped an ambulance from getting to the hospital, putting the life of a patient at risk. Lifezette reported that around 200 protesters blocked traffic on Route 34 around 5 p.m. on Saturday as they marched and carried a banner that read, “No Ban No Wall New Haven.” The police report stated that the protesters “obstructed an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient.”

“Due to this delay, ambulance personnel were required to perform an emergency medical procedure in the ambulance instead of at the hospital,” the report added.

If you can protest peacefully, not in the streets I have no problem with that, but the moment you try to stop people that need to get to work or home, or THE HOSPITAL it’s not peaceful and it’s against the law. They need to be arrested so they can pay for this terrorism!

And they better stop blocking these WORKING citizens while they drive to work, you know that place where these BLM thugs should be… Vroom, vroom, ’bout to get ran over!

Now that Donald Trump is here, law and order is also back again! No more president who supports the blatant disrespect of law enforcement and the constant race baiting.

7 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Block Road To Protest Trump – INSTANTLY Regret It

  1. If you get in front of my 3000 lb Toyota camry your going to get hurt and hurt bad because I will NOT slow down for you assholes. You’ve been warned!

  2. They have every right to do this. These thugs are illegally retaining people against their will. It’s a form of kidnapping. People have every right to use whatever means they have to free themselves and get to a safe zone. Don’t jump in front of a black 2005 4 door Toyota Tacama. It just may be me and I ain’t stopping. Now you have been warned.

  3. This is a pay to play situation for protesters but in reality it obstruction of a public roadway. They have no right to be in traffic lanes. This should have been stopped during Obama’s term but he allowed them to be obstructive and destructive from the get go. City businesses unable to function, workplaces destroyed, people injured,pure chaos, just like the Dems wanted.
    The children of those protestors will continue. Whoever is paying and encouraging them should be charged with eliciting riots and be responsible for property damage and injury.

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