De Blasio: NYC Will Be at Risk of Terror If Sessions Cuts Law Enforcement Funding to Sanctuary Cities


New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio says that the city will be at risk of a terror attack if Jeff Sessions cuts law enforcement funding to sanctuary cities…

The mayor see’s President Trump’s policies as xenophobic and the cause of division. He believes that getting rid of sanctuary cities will cause more terror and will put the home of the terrible 9-11 attacks at risk again. Because welcoming terrorists into our country will keep them from killing us? I think that’s his logic…

From Breitbart:

“President Trump’s latest threat changes nothing. We will remain a city welcoming of immigrants, who have helped make our city the safest big city in the nation,” de Blasio said. “Any attempt to cut NYPD funding for the nation’s top terror target will be aggressively fought in court. We won’t back down from protecting New Yorkers from terror – or from an overzealous administration fixated on xenophobia and needless division.”

De Blasio made his statement in response to Sessions’ latest crackdown on sanctuary cities, in which the attorney general said Monday that the Department of Justice would prevent billions of dollars in law enforcement grants from going to sanctuary jurisdictions.

Sessions backs the President’s decisions and believes that “countless lives” could have been saved if we ended sanctuary cities years ago. These are the cities that illegal CRIMINAL aliens go for hiding, and they are welcomed with open arms.

Stop protecting ILLEGAL’s and start protecting the CITIZENS!! Why is that such a hard concept?? Ah, that is right…without the votes of the illegal’s you would not get reelected.



2 thoughts on “De Blasio: NYC Will Be at Risk of Terror If Sessions Cuts Law Enforcement Funding to Sanctuary Cities

  1. Take the Feds to court, really….won’t you need the
    “LAW” to make your argument? Mayor Snowflake..
    NOTHING BUT HYPOCRISY flows from your pandering comments on the matter. You’re just a parrot for the Libs talking points! I hereby dub you the absolute WORST MAYOR IN AMERICA! Yeah good luck with that re-election effort. The illegals can’t vote for you regardless, oh and I sure hope terror doesn’t strike NYC again as they may drag you to ground zero and stone you….hmmmm

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