Democrat Lawmaker Charged With EIGHT COUNTS OF ELECTION FRAUD!


It is so amazing the way that some people get in trouble for things that they somehow accuse someone else of. A few years ago, I was visiting family for a wedding and there was this story on the news about someone that had slashed a bunch of tires on some street.

The guy that sounded like the spokesman for the street was almost yelling to the reporter about how they were going to find the guy that did it and all of that. The guy was very angry.

So, a few weeks after I call that same relative I was visiting and he told me something that almost made me laugh out of my chair. The guy in question that was doing all of the yelling was the one that slashed all of the tires.

Isn’t it amazing that voter fraud is denied by those who perpetrate it, there seems an awful lot of it around and not surprisingly is committed massively by Democrats.

They even cheat in primaries, when they are running against fellow Democrats. This is how democracy could die in this country.

Emanuel Zanders III is accused of illegally registering nearly two dozen people to vote as he was running for reelection for his city council seat in Amite, Louisiana. Zanders allegedly illegally registered nearly two dozen people in order for them to vote for him.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin anno0unced that they were bringing charges against Zanders on January 6th.

Landry says that Zanders had 22 people register, using a vacant lot as their address in order to create more voters for his reelection.

Now, 22 votes do not sound like much until you realize that he won by just 19 votes.

That means that the election turned on voter fraud if all 22 voted for Zanders.

That is something we don’t know yet, although I’m sure the prosecutors do.

From The Blaze

The 52-year-old Democrat was booked into the Tangipahoa Parish Prison on Jan. 5 and has since bonded out, the Advocate reported, citing booking records. The paper added that Zanders could not be reached for comment.

“Anything other than a one-for-one vote distorts our election process,” Landry said. “Those who wish to distort an election in this matter are breaking the law and betraying their fellow citizens. It is even more disheartening when the perpetrator is an elected official.”

Ardoin added that “election integrity matters,” and Zanders’ arrest “should serve as a stark warning to those looking to violate our election laws.”

Earlier this week, a Texas woman was arrested on voter fraud charges. Raquel Rodriguez was charged with illegal voting, unlawfully assisting people voting by mail, and unlawfully possessing an official ballot.

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2 thoughts on “Democrat Lawmaker Charged With EIGHT COUNTS OF ELECTION FRAUD!

  1. I’m not saying Republicans don’t do it also, but I am saying I haven’t seen it. Democrats have a reputation of frequent voter fraud. Their motto is “win at any cost”. and the last election proves my point!

  2. “…It is even more disheartening when the perpetrator is an elected official” Who wouldn’t be an elected official if they hadn’t cheated the election.

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