CNN Staffers FLOORED As Another Sex Scandal Has Hit The Network….


There have been reports of yet another CNN employee involved in a sex scandal. Now, after he was discovered dating a subordinate, the top CNN producer was immediately terminated.

The elaborate scandal and firing took place a year after former network CEO Jeff Zucker resigned after his relationship with a colleague also became public—steering the network to the far left during his nine-year tenure.

Federico Quadrani, the executive producer of “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” was allegedly dating a lower-level staffer, according to sources Page Six spoke to at CNN.

The employee in question was described by Page Six as a “senior producer,” the outlet reported that  Jake Tapper and others had suspected Quadrani was “hooking up” with the person. Staff members were surprised when rumors of the alleged affair went around the network. There were worries that the information was “going to get out,” a source told Page Six.

A second network source said, “There were some complaints. No one had proof, and these things are hard to prove. Jake was aware of the investigation.”

Tapper was reportedly shown something that left no doubt of the affair last Wednesday, as CNN’s human resources department was about to close the book on the investigation.

Jake was made aware of it and responded swiftly, a second source for Page Six told the publication. Someone accidentally found something and took it to Tapper.

Quadrani was fired on Friday after the host was “presented with something that he couldn’t ignore.” Terming it a “personnel matter,” CNN has not commented on Quadrani’s reported ouster.

The report said, Quadrani previously worked for MSNBC, NBC News, and ABC News and had been with CNN, and had acted as Tapper’s right-hand man since 2013.

After his relationship with network executive Allison Gollust became known, Zucker resigned in January 2022. From their tenure at NBC News in the late 1990s, the two have collaborated for two decades. After Zucker was succeeded by the current network CEO Chris Licht, CNN has been without a leader and has struggled with ratings. In an effort to revive the network, Licht has moved the stars to other time periods. Nothing has worked thus far.

In the past 14 months, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have been dropped from prime time, while Zucker has departed the show. After being accused of sexual misconduct and in the midst of an inquiry into his assistance to his brother, former Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in handling his own sexual harassment issue, the latter was fired.

Lemon presently co-hosts “CNN This Morning,” the network’s morning program with the lowest ratings in ten years.

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