A Firefighter Has Been LET GO After Retaliating At A Drug Addict Who Spit In His Face…


Miami authorities have suspended a firefighter who said he had no regrets after video captured him punching a handcuffed patient who he said spat at him in October, officials said.

Surveillance footage from October 15 at Jackson Memorial Hospital showed Antonio Cruz, 29, laying down on a stretcher before leaning over to spit at first responder Robert Webster.

Webster had picked up Cruz in the Allapattah area of Miami after he received a call about a man under the influence of cocaine. Cruz had been arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment.

While the video doesn’t come with sound, NBC Miami Cruz was handcuffed to the stretcher and was shouting at first responders before he spits directly in Webster’s face.

Webster instantly reacted and started throwing punches at Cruz as others tried to pull him off the 29-year-old

“If he never knew the consequence of spitting in a grown man’s face, then consider my actions public education and this video a PSA,” Robert Webster told NBC Miami.

Webster, who was a lieutenant with the Miami Department of Fire-Rescue, told the station he is not remorseful for attacking a handcuffed patient on Oct. 15 in the emergency room at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

A representative with the Fire-Rescue Department said in a statement that a firefighter was relieved of duty pending an investigation.

“The City of Miami Department of Fire-Rescue was made aware of a video released of an incident involving a Miami Firefighter,” the statement said. “When this incident occurred, the individual was immediately Relieved of Duty. Our department is conducting an administrative investigation while this individual remains in a Relieved of Duty status.”

NBC Miami reported that the video, which had no audio, lasted about 40 seconds.

The station also reported that Cruz had consumed cocaine and heroin. The video shows someone who appears to be Cruz spitting in Webster’s direction.

According to AWM:

Webster has previously been the victim of racist attacks from coworkers in the department. Half a dozen firefighters targeted the black first responder because of the color of his skin. Other firefighters left a noose on his desk and drew sexual symbols on Webster’s family photos as a “joke” that was simply not funny to the victim.

The racist attack occurred in 2017 and led to the firing of six firefighters. Those who were involved in the hate crime included Captain William Bryson, Lt. Alejandro Sese, Harold Santana, David Rivera, Kevin Meizoso, and Justin Rumbaugh.

Webster called the hateful, racist attack a “stupid” betrayal of the “brotherhood” firefighters are supposed to have.

“I believe in this brotherhood that we throw around so much,”Webster told the news outlet at the time he was victimized by his coworkers.

Watch the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, NBC Miami

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