Chuck Schumer’s Words Just Bit Him Square In The…


It was in 2005 when Chuck Schumer described the filibuster as the end of democracy but in 2021 he was describing filibuster as a threat instead to democracy which is far from how he described it in 2005.

Well, there’s only one reason as to why he changed his narrative towards it, it’s because the Democrat party which he’s protecting now controls the Senate and they mean to keep it. This made the filibuster one of the major obstacles they face in forcing through their dangerous agenda and securing a permanent hold on the government.

It was in 2005 when he described that Republicans were turning the United States into a “banana republic”, he even didn’t realize that’s what exactly he’s doing right now.

Dems are now set to end the filibuster on January 17 but before they can do it, their first plan is to win over the holdouts in their party, Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Prior to the Dems plan, Manchin and Sinema already said that they won’t be giving their votes to end filibusters, it’s unlikely that the Schumer plan will succeed because of these two’s first statement.

Democrats swapping sides on the filibuster issue isn’t surprising; both parties have at times vowed to eliminate the rule while they hold a majority in the senate.

The filibuster as it exists in 2021 is essentially just a requirement that the majority party has 60 votes before it is able to pass legislation.

It has evolved from a dramatic and rare physical act to a routine threat that shuts down anything pushed by the majority party without first securing the requisite supermajority.

Chuck Schumer now says that the filibuster is a threat to democracy. His past statements said otherwise and, at one point, even Hollywood lauded the filibuster.

The 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington famously includes the filibuster in a climactic scene that portrays it as the essence of democracy.

The idea of speaking endlessly to derail a vote goes back to the Romans but, unlike other aspects of the Roman constitution, the Founding Fathers did not intentionally bring it to the United States.

The filibuster emerged over time as a tactic for the minority party through senate rules, leading to feats of endurance in which senators have held the floor for hours.

The record is held by Senator Strom Thurmond, who performed a marathon 24-hour filibuster to oppose the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

The days of dramatic performances like this are largely gone but the threat remains a powerful tool for the minority party. For now, at least, the majority party under Schumer hopes to change that.

Source: Right Wing News Hour

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