He Invented The COVID Vaccine. He Just Dropped A Bombshell…


What happens when the creator of these vaccines will say that it is impossible to continuously vaccinate the population on this planet?

Well, we need to ask Biden about that…

Statistically, more people are dying due to starvation instead of COVID but then, our Government is more focused on spending more money on these jabs that are only making big pharma richer.

Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine creator, Andrew Pollar just recently slammed everyone who believes in the idea of injecting the entire planet’s population who is older than 12-years-old.

Andrew guested on a BBC Radio 4 and he said:

“It is not affordable, sustainable, or probably even needed to vaccinate everyone on the planet every four to six months.”

“We haven’t even managed to vaccinate everyone in Africa with one dose, so we’re certainly not going to get to a point where fourth doses for everyone is manageable.”

He also suggested that policymakers like Biden should target the vulnerable to the disease instead of jabbing everyone older than 12 and giving them booster shots every 6 months.

“We may end up with some people having three doses, while there are many parts of the world where people are at zero doses,” Andrew added.

As the person in charge of the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, what Andrew suggests should be highly taken.

Wake up, America!

Sources: 100% Fed Up, BBC Radio


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