Celebrities Dare Trump Supporters To Boycott Their Movies … Until Conservatives Respond With This

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Kirsters Baish| Celebrities hating President Donald Trump isn’t anything new, but the lengths they’re going to now in order to discriminate against Trump supporters is unreal. These elitists are okay with losing tons of money in order to antagonize Conservatives. We saw them cry when President Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Many even threatened to leave the United States and not come back until his term was up, but barely any of them actually followed through with their promises. Now, they don’t want Conservatives to even come see their movies in theaters… that’s okay with us. We have better things to spend our money on.

Specifically, actresses Ellen Pompeo and Olivia Wilde have both come forward to bare their claws and strike at fans who have supported President Donald Trump. Pompeo’s claim to fame is her role as Meredith Grey in the television soap opera “Grey’s Anatomy.” She also had gigs in movies such as “Old School” and “Catch Me If You Can.” In real life, she is nothing short of a triggered leftist. She started her rant by taking to Twitter to tell Trump supporters to “go f*** themselves.” Unfortunately, this is not a joke. This woman seriously offended more than half of America in order to prove her point. Not a very successful attempt in my view.


But, Pompeo wasn’t done there. She continued on to use pretty bad grammar to lash out at fans who didn’t like what she had to say. Hey, Ellen, it’s actually “you’re,” not “your.”



Then, Pompeo decided to post a tweet telling anyone who supports President Trump that she doesn’t want them as fans. That’s okay Ellen, your acting is pretty crappy anyway.


Then there is Ms. Olivia Wilde. She has starred in television shows like “House” and movies like “Tron: Legacy.” She decided to following in Pompeo’s footsteps and asked Trump fans to boycott her movies. Are these ladies joking? Seriously, you don’t have to ask me not to spend my money to watch your bad acting.

I don’t think the responses are going in the direction that these big-headed elitist celebrities thought they were going to. If more than half the country voted Trump into office, you have to understand simple math, and that means that more than half the country will be boycotting your movies and television shows thanks to your big mouths. I guess some celebrities aren’t all about money like we thought they were. These ladies probably shouldn’t have opened their big mouths, because they are standing to lose a lot.

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