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One teenager was arrested after a tense exchange during Wednesday’s walk-out protests in Downtown San Diego when he punched a police officer, San Diego Police (SDPD) said.

Hundreds of students from high schools and a college in San Diego walked out of class Wednesday to protest the election of Donald J. Trump, marching through busy streets in Downtown San Diego and stopping traffic.

One group of more than 300 students from San Diego High School started at 40th Street and Imperial Avenue and made their way through Downtown San Diego, passing by C Street and 6th Street as they walked down Broadway, stopping traffic.

They stopped in front of the federal building to protest.

“We’re trying to wake up our generation and let them know we have a voice. By being united, they can’t divide us,” said Sharline Ruvalcaba, a student from San Diego State University (SDSU).

“I want people to realize there is still sexism, there is still racism going on and we have to make change,” San Diego City College student Gabriela Media said. “Because if we do this to the youth, they are the furture. Nothing will change.”

The second group, from Lincoln High School, carried two Mexican flags as they headed down Broadway to meet the first group and unite in a larger march.

One counter-protester said the march would make no difference and was upset with the group carrying the Mexican flags.

“Look, if you look across the street, there’s no American flags over there. We’re the only American flag. If they want to be under Mexican flags so much, it’s 20 miles south. Go have a great time,” said Luke Celeste.

Police officers on motorcycles and squad cars accompanied the group.

At one point, a juvenile was being detained for disobeying a lawful order of a traffic officer. Some in the crowd began chanting “let him go,” said SDPD Lieutenant Scott Wahl.

“As additional officers arrived on scene and began dispersing the crowd, one of our officers was punched in the face by an 18 year old male who was part of the protest group,” a statement from Wahl read.

The teen was arrested for his actions. He will be booked for battery on a police officer.

The juvenile initially wanted for obstructing traffic was cited and released at the scene, Wahl said.

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