Brit Hume Calls BS on Trump and Obama Inauguration Pics–Claims There’s a Deceptive Trick to Photos

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New York Times put out a picture comparison of Obama’s inauguration vs Trump’s. It looks like Obama’s crowd is massive compared to Trump’s sparse numbers. Brit Hume calls BS, there’s a reason the pictures look so different.


From IJR:

At a time when there should be national unity, a media war has erupted between the size of Obama’s and Trump’s, err, Inauguration Day crowds.

The size of the crowds is being hotly disputed as a flashpoint between the Democratic Party and its supportive media, who want to delegitimize the new president, and the Trump administration, which wants the symbolism of a massive crowd on the Washington mall to defy the opposition’s narrative.

“I have a running war with the media,” Trump said, adding how he really feels, “They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth.”

As with all narrative battles, imagery is often deployed by political operatives in an attempt to bolster support or to undermine one’s opponents.

A viral image put out by the New York Times, and subsequently adopted by much of the media, has been utilized by his opposition as a way of demonstrating that Trump’s crowd was substantially smaller than former President Obama’s in 2009.

  • A number of things should be noted about these images, just for a matter of context:
    • There are white tarps on the grounds of the Washington mall in the 2017 Trump Inauguration photo (right), while there none in the Obama photo (left).
    • The weather for the Obama Inaugural Address was in the 20s, while Trump’s address had weather in the 40s and scattered rain showers.
    • The Trump Inaugural Address was given while the areas of the mall were blocked off by officials for stated security concerns, such as protesters.
    • Due to the cloudy skies seen in the photo, there will likely be no conclusive satellite data for the Trump Inaugural Address.

According to 2009 address analysis, drawing from satellite data evaluated by crowd size analysts, former President Obama drew a record 1.8 million to the Washington mall. It was a historic event in the sense that no African American had been elected president before; this alone would draw numerous loyal crowds.

The real question here is…who cares about the crowd size!?

If the crowd jumped off a bridge would you jump too?

All that matters, whether it’s popular with the world or not, is that Donald Trump brings America back to what it was founded on. God bless America!

3 thoughts on “Brit Hume Calls BS on Trump and Obama Inauguration Pics–Claims There’s a Deceptive Trick to Photos

  1. I am so sick of the dishonest media that I am concideriin cancel ing my newspaper as it is owned by the Chicago Tribune and we all know how honest Chicago info is.

  2. I could care less what the lying media says and thinks!! They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them! Trump won by a landslide didn’t he lying media? All you want to do is stir up strife!! Your candidate lost and the overwhelming majority of American people voted for Trump!! By this happening should show the people you are lying and liars!! I don’t know if you know how to tell the truth! Well Trumps in office now! I hope he keeps up telling you media people what he will and will not do and put up with from you!!! Go Trump!!!

  3. You are ridiculously clueless if you think that Trump won this election fair and square. Russia clearly intervened and colluded with Trump and his staff. That’s treason. Punishable by DEATH. Trump is batshit crazy besides being a sexual predator. He is also the biggest and fattest president we have ever had. He is so unhealthy that I doubt he makes it through his term. Get a clue lady. I marched in D.C. And it was amazing. This will be a one term Presidency. We are organizing and putting more women on the ballot. And we will be voting…

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