ALERT: Taliban Promising 2,000 Suicide Bombers Are Coming Our Way…


To be honest, what came to your mind when the Taliban took over last summer?

For me, I have completely deemed that the terrorist haven is back and even scarier after our so-called President irresponsibly gave access to these Taliban militants with advanced military gears and top-of-the-line military guns and vehicles, not to mention how many black hawks are now being piloted by terrorists.

I don’t wanna talk more about what they have now, I am more worried about how our Government is acting up very normally with this kind of situation.

I mean, the Taliban were scary when they have little access to weapons, right? but can you imagine the calvary they have now? It’s a huge leap!

Recently, Afghanistan’s acting defense minister Maulvi Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid has said a scary tweet that reads:

“If America wants 2,000 English [i.e., American] troops at its embassy in Afghanistan, we also want 2,000 Fidayeen Mujahideen [i.e., suicide bombers] from the Fateh Force at the embassy of Afghanistan in America.”

Take note, Fidayeen is another term used for jihadi group suicide bombers and the ‘Fateh Force’ which means victorious force is part of the unit Badri 313 of the Islamic Emirate.

Badri 313 is named after the Ghazwa-e-Badr, the first Islamic battle led by Islam’s founder Muhammad in which 313 Muslims defeated thousands of non-Muslim tribesmen.

And with a serious threat like these from highly equipped terrorists, what concerns me the most is our Government’s reaction and preparation for this kind of imminent threat on our nation.

And yet, another confirmation from Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid that was reported by MEMRI told that the Taliban are preparing their suicide bombing units.

Instead, Biden’s administration agreed to give humanitarian aid to Afghanistan after a meeting in Qatar.

The Associated Press reported:

U.S. delegation “made it clear that the talks were in no way a preamble to recognition of the Taliban, who swept into power Aug. 15 after the U.S.-allied government collapsed.”

The Taliban said those talks “went well.” State Department spokesman Ned Price, meanwhile, said they were “candid and professional” and gave the same line the Biden administration has been giving since the beginning: The Taliban’s actions, not its words, would determine how things went going forward.

We are all screwed in the hands of Biden, if Trump was still our President, we would not have to deal with this kind of oppression.

Let’s all stay vigilant and ready, danger is near, Thank you, Biden!

Sources: The Western Journal, The Associated Press, MEMRI

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