Jim Jordan Just Told The Jan 6 Committee To…


Dems have been highlighting the Jan 6 incident as part of their desperate move to overthrow Republicans from running the office.

It is no longer an investigation, it’s a show of power, and Dems use it as a propaganda stage for their political stunt.

It was a complete disaster and it’s only making things more cringy as more and more shreds of evidence are being exploited that everything about the riot was plotted.

Recently, Rep. Jim Jordan who was initially selected by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in July to be one of the five Republicans to participate on the panel looking into the incident as a replacement for Representative Chris Smith which was later on rejected by California Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who thought immediately that Jordan could be a liability on the panel claiming that he would compromise the integrity of the probing process.

But later on, Jim Jordan just debunked the request as he claims that there is no relevant information he can provide.

In his statement that reads, “Even if I had material to offer with the Select Committee, the actions and remarks of Democrats in the House of Representatives demonstrate that you are not conducting a fair-minded and impartial investigation.”

Make sense, right? I mean, you should always consider what is right for your heart when things are completely manipulated and wrong.

In Biden’s America, Democrats can do whatever the hell they want, even though when it’s no longer right.

Source: Wayne Dupree


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