ANTIFA Is Starting To Totally Eat Their Own…


An Antifa member has received numerous complaints from women accusing the member of the terrorist group of misconduct and predatory behavior. This said self-identified journalist has been trying to shut down The Post Millennial.

The Post Millennia previously reported that Chad Loder, 45, a Los Angeles resident and Antifa member, has been revealed to have a history of racism, anti-Semitism, and incitement to violence. Lode has been also the subject of multiple ongoing accusations of harassment and threatening behavior and many women also accused him of predatory behavior.

The Post Millennial and its editor-at-large, Andy Ngô made a Twitter post and revealed that Loder had been served with a temporary protective order from an individual who had accused him of repeated threatening behavior. This made Ngô to the target of Loder’s attacks from his Twitter page.

Here’s Ngo’s Twitter post:

“Antifa extremist @chadloder was served a restraining order in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles. The victim says Loder has repeatedly threatened & harassed them. Loder has gained a large following on Twitter by the far-left for spreading disinformation, propaganda & doxes,” the tweet read.

The Post Millennial reports: “Loder denies the accusation in his court filing and his legal team is trying to get the restraining order dismissed based on free speech grounds.”

In another tweet, one month later, Ngô revealed the full extent of the accusations against Loder.

“In my shocking investigative report, I uncover that Chad Loder, an #antifa journalist, has been accused of preying on women, has a history of racism & antisemitism, & even calls for murder,” the tweet read.

An on September 29th Loder posted on his Twitter account his response to Ngo’s twitter post. He included an image of Jordan Dixon-Hamilton, a conservative activist and law student at Pepperdine University, with a racist comment.

“Imagine being so unsuccessful in life that the only move you got left is to buck dance for Nazis. Corny ass,” he wrote in the since-deleted tweet.

Another racist post was also made by Loder after he celebrated when a black conservative was beaten by leftists.He also made another post about where he shared an ad for a conservative event that featured several black speakers, writing: “How much do you think they get paid to buck dance at a Civil War reenactment in front of a bunch of white supremacists?”

“Sounds like San Francisco doesn’t like fascists coming to their city. FA/FO,” Loder tweeted, referring to the common saying, “f*ck around and find out.”

As far as anti-Semitism, The Post Millennial reports:

“Loder also has a history of expressing particular disdain for Israel using anti-Semitic tropes where Jews are compared to Nazis and genocidaires. In May, Loder called Israel a ‘white supremacist state‘ supported by white supremacists. He also referred to a group of Jewish people holding an Israeli flag in Los Angeles as ‘zionist fascists.’  The following month, he tweeted that ‘zionism is violent settler colonialism.’ In response to California state senator Melissa Melendez asking for prayers for Israel as the country was being attacked by rockets from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Loder tweeted: ‘We shall not forget that you support ethnic cleansing.’”

Sources: Deep State Rabbit Hole, The Post Millennial, The Intercept

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