A Prius Owner Saw A Diesel Truck In The Lot And Absolutely Lost Their Minds…


Well, no one can’t fathom what a woman feels that gives her the right to approach a family and begin cursing them out. People like this make me ill. Freedom of expression, I suppose, but there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to conduct one. I doubt I could remain composed in such a circumstance; instead, I would probably irritate her further by continually reviving the engine.

Because this lady from the Toyota Prius just gets angry at the family with a Diesel Pickup Truck!

The incident happened in a peaceful parking space, as a woman began to rant at one family consisting of a woman, a man, and two small children despite not even being properly parked.

When they arrived at the parking lot, the family, who was driving in a diesel pickup truck, left the engine running for a short while. The woman in the Toyota is in an uncharacteristic rage as a result of that. She lost her mind because they disturbed her rest by polluting the region with exhaust emissions and by making so much noise.

The Prius owner is obviously upset by the diesel truck’s presence.

Completely disregarding the presence of their young children, immediately the woman tears into the couple in the pickup, going on an insult-loaded rant, although details about the situation are few, the video provides enough information for us to have a good idea of what’s going on.

From the moment the clip starts, the Prius owner explains, referring to the area of the parking lot where she is parked, “I came over here because it was quiet,” after the angered woman storms over. Her frustration is made clear by the many 4-lettered words she’s throwing around in front of kids.

Exclaiming at the family, she said, “There was nobody here, and you come up here with your gas-guzzling piece of sh*t and the exhaust is spewing everywhere!” to which the mother, who warns her not to curse in front of her daughter, cut her off.

The Prius owner and the man’s wife exchange words.

However, she yells at the mom who exclaims, “Get out!” in response as tensions continue to rise. “Shut the f*ck up,” the woman said.

Then the irony sets in: for a little minute, viewers fear that things may get violent, and we’re not the only ones: even the man operating the camera appears to warn his wife Cheryl with a simple “Don’t,” and Ms. Prius adds, “Don’t even touch me.”

However, so many cliches come to mind, like the pot calling the kettle black or practicing what you preach, as the woman remarked, “I’m just asking you to be pleasant and courteous, and you guys aren’t willing to,” after getting in the couple’s face, yelling at them and using foul language.

We now know that the owner of the diesel vehicle made an effort to placate the Prius-driving woman, but his remedy fell short. He claims, “I backed up,” but she is still enraged, pointing to his exhaust pipe and the fact that the wind is blowing toward her car, which is visible with the windows down.

She then demands an explanation for why the truck is running, to which the Dad says, “Because my daughter is in here!” but the woman interrupts the father, making it plain that she believes he should switch off the truck and roll down his windows rather than running the truck to provide his youngster with air conditioning.

The woman instead complains about the truck’s pollution before continuing her tirade in front of young children and labeling the driver “mindless” and “ignorant,” unfazed by the child’s needs as noted by the captions in the video that his daughter was sleeping and she has allergies.

Pointing to his kids, the woman said, “You got two kids, and you’re going to train them to be the same way,” after accusing him of being irresponsible and uncaring, despite his explanation that he has both horses and an office job, after questioning his “need” for such a vehicle by inquiring about his career.

The mom, on the other hand, had a few choice words of her own to say about the woman as she began to leave since the pushy Prius owner established that name-calling was acceptable. The driver of the green automobile turned back to the family to repeat himself, insisting on having the final word. But for very obvious reasons, this time is considerably worse.

The Prius owner is fortunate that exhaust fumes were the only thing in her face that day because she presented herself as a threat by approaching the mother and her child at an extremely inappropriate distance, speaking in an angry tone, and swinging her arms around.

When he watched the insane woman circle back around to confront the mother, who was standing by the truck in a protective position and shielding her children from the insane woman, it is obvious that the father was concerned because he hollered his wife’s name in an uncertain tone.

Even though he maintained his composure admirably, an unreasonable individual is impossible to reason with. People who act like toddlers and throw tantrums make it impossible to have an open discussion. But when the video reached a Prius chat forum where the Prius-driving woman was harshly condemned for her actions, other Prius owners complimented him for his patience.

You have to come to terms with the idea that sometimes it’s better to waste your time than to stand your ground. There were several open areas, thus the pointless altercation could have been prevented. Let’s face it this disagreement was just a discussion for discussion’s sake. However, they provided the rest of us with a fantastic example of how to deal with rude people while maintaining composure.

Watch the video below for more details:

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