COME ON! California Town Told Their Trees Are Too Racist…


A row of tamarisk trees and a chain-link fence that have been obstructing the view and lowering the property values of the homes close to the golf course have been removed by the mayor of Palm Springs after nearly 60 years.

A golf course planted a row of trees that contributed to the idea of segregation in the 1960s. The Tahquitz Creek Golf Course, which was primarily utilized by white golfers, and a historically black neighborhood were separated by a sizable grove of tamarisk trees. A chain-link fence and the trees were put in place decades ago as a sneaky deterrent to the neighborhood’s predominately black residents from encroaching on the golf course.

Now things are changing. Although the trees have been there for a long time, officials at an informal city meeting declared that they will have the trees and chain-link fence removed.

Before the trees can be cut down, it will probably take three months. The removal project will need to go out to bid and arborists will need to be consulted in addition to receiving the whole municipal council’s permission.

The cost of removing the trees is expected to be around $169,000, according to city authorities.

The residents of Crossley Tract are requesting that the city construct six-foot-tall privacy walls for those who desire them, replace the tamarisks with trees similar to those used elsewhere on the course, and install netting to prevent golf balls from landing in backyards in addition to uprooting the water-sucking, salt-depositing tamarisk trees.

City officials said they would meet with Crossley residents to go over the next steps after the tamarisk trees are taken down.

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