What In The World Have They Done With Kamala?


After Joe Biden was installed in the office, a lot of national crisis continues to happen. And we may be looking for a lot more worse in days to come.

I mean, Biden became a living symbol of a national embarrassment – we all can see it everywhere, the international press has been criticizing his regime for being WEAK.

One of those is the Southern Border crisis, COVID-19, the economy, Afghanistan. It is like everywhere Biden goes something went wrong and obviously this is no longer new to him.

But one thing has caught the attention of most Americans. Where is the president’s vice president?

We have not heard anything from Kamala Harris. Before the debacle that was the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Harris was on a public relations tour in Asia. And after that tour, she got home safe and sound last August 26. She arrived shocked just like most of the Americans after what she has seen. Reports also claim that that the Afghanistan withdrawal was not on her.

It has been twelve days now since Harris has been missing. She literally ghosted the Biden administration, after she appeared at a ceremony for the U.S. Ambassador for Mexico on Thursday, no one ever heard from her. This witch is now selfishly trying to save herself for her political future.

Although Harris was away during the horrendous events surrounding Afghanistan, she did take time out of her Asia trip to praise Biden for showing so much compassion and empathy towards the images being released from Afghanistan. While hoping to show unity, her comments led many voters to bash both her and Biden’s leadership.

Since returning back to the states, Harris has made it a crucial point in her daily routine to avoid the press and reporters. Just in the recent weeks, reporters have tried repeatedly to get Harris’s take on Afghanistan and what the future holds for the country. Instead of answering, Harris continues to remain silent.

While somewhat of a recluse, Harris will emerge this week in California to help the ongoing recall election of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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