John Durham Just Said He’s Got Another Round In The Chamber After…


John Solomon, founder of Just The News, asserts that Special Counsel John Durham is gearing up to target the FBI in his investigation into the Trump-Russia conspiracy allegations. Solomon claims that Durham is working with “two buckets.”

One involves the recent indictments against officials connected to Hillary Clinton, who allegedly supplied the FBI with false information about Trump-Russia conspiracies. The other focuses on whether FBI agents deliberately misled the FISA court to obtain warrants to spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign members.

Solomon highlights that Durham discovered considerable evidence of warning signs dating back to August 2016, when Bruce Ohr informed the FBI that Christopher Steele was sharing a dossier with uncorroborated information, motivated by his disdain for Trump and ties to Clinton.

Meanwhile, Democrats are taking their own actions. Matthew Miller, a Department of Justice spokesman during the Obama administration, argues that Durham should not have the final say on his own report. He suggests that Attorney General Merrick Garland or another high-ranking department official review the report before its public release.

However, Senate Democrats are contemplating measures against Durham as he prepares to publish his investigative report, following a more than two-year probe into the fabricated ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ narrative. Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are responding to a timely New York Times report that alleges ethical concerns and staff departures during the investigation.

Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) stated that the Justice Department should work on behalf of the American people, not for the personal benefit of any president. As they await the results of ongoing internal reviews, the Senate Judiciary Committee is committed to scrutinizing these instances and the regulations and policies that allowed them to happen, ensuring that such abuses of power don’t occur again.

The DOJ has previously indicated that Durham’s report will likely be made public once the investigation is complete.

Sources: ConservativeBrief, NewYorkTimes

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