Spirit Airlines Caught Openly Violating A Passenger’s Basic Constitutional Rights…


In this time of Biden’s regime, FREEDOM of expression is always an issue for them. Just like what happened to a Spirit Airlines passenger on Thursday.

Adam Ragodna has recently shared a disrespectful flight experience when he was flying from Cleveland to Tampa Bay where he was harassed by several unhinged flight attendants because he was wearing a light-up ‘let’s go Brandon / FJB’ face mask.

The attendants find it offensive but they allowed Adam to wear a jacket hoodie that clearly says the exact words from the mask he was wearing and they claim it to be offensive and makes them uncomfortable.

Adam has posted 2 videos on his Twitter account, watch the first here:

He captions it, “#SpiritAirlines don’t believe in freedom of speech.

In the video, you can see Adam expressing his frustrations, “Wow, this is not America anymore.”

These flight attendants also claim that political statements are not allowed despite BLM masks and others being widely accepted. What kind of control is this?

Unsurprisingly, the employee had nothing to say when politely questioned about why BLM-themed masks were allowed as opposed to Trump-inspired ones.

One attendant asked Adam, “What does (LGB) mean?” but clearly being one-sided when he tried to explain BLM, etc.

This is what happens when the government is publicly showing manipulation and hypocrisy.

The Daily Dot reported:

While Spirit Airlines does not appear to have released a statement on the matter, the company did respond to at least one Twitter user who referenced the incident.

The company ultimately stated in a generic message that Radogna could reach out to them over direct message to lodge a complaint.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Daily Dot


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