A Couple Adopted Three Young Kids, As Soon As They Did, Their Neighbor Called Child Services….


One of the most wonderful things that can happen to a family is having a child. But to have three children at once is three times greater.

Meet the Georgian couple Julia Washington and her husband, who recently adopted three brothers aged 4, 5, and 6 years old. Together with their two biological children, they were now a huge family of seven. And in all likelihood, the three brothers Michael, Jess, and Camden would have spent their formative years in far-flung foster homes, never having the opportunity to grow up and play with one another. But the trajectory of all their lives changed the moment the couple stepped in.

Although it would be difficult, especially given that Jess has cerebral palsy, they began the adoption process at the beginning of last year.

However, as the adoption procedure moved along, they received a call from the children’s caseworker that caught them off guard: It turned out that the three boys actually had a fourth brother, 17-month-old Elijah, of who they were completely unaware.

Julia told everyone she encountered about the unfortunate circumstance since she was upset about how these boys were kept apart from one another. She eventually told Jay Houston, who lives next door to Julia. Jay, who is a mother herself, thought the situation was incredibly unfortunate and genuinely wanted to lend a hand. Yet, Jay and Julia were unsure of what they could do to assist the infant Elijah and keep him close to his siblings.

Julia said, “We knew that to go from two to five children, and then one that has major special needs, that somebody was going to suffer … (but) if we didn’t adopt him, he’d be over 1,000 miles away.”

As the youngest of seven children, and having been adopted herself, Jay understood Julia’s concern. In an amazing act of compassion, this mother – who already had two biological children and four adopted children of her own – worked out a solution that, to most of us, would be completely unimaginable.

It was then decided that the Houston family could adopt the boy, and he would now grow up in the house next to his biological older brothers.

“They all know that they’re brothers and will grow up together,” Jay said.

Because of their love and kindness, the boys will now have the chance to grow up together.

“They won’t live in the same house, but they’ll be in the same city. Knowing that I’ll get to be his mother is an incredible gift and I’m very grateful for that.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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