YES! Tucker Carlson Has Announced A Brand New Show…


In a bold move challenging mainstream media’s status quo, a prominent conservative figure announces plans to take his popular show to an unexpected platform, vowing to uphold the true essence of free speech.

Tucker Carlson, a renowned former Fox News host and the co-founder of Daily Caller, shook the media landscape on Tuesday by declaring that his show would henceforth be exclusive to Twitter.

In a succinct video tweet, Carlson made the announcement, alluding to the prevalent mistrust in the media.

“People often lament that news is inundated with falsehoods. This isn’t always accurate,” he began. “Quite a bit of what you encounter on TV or in the pages of The New York Times is literally true.”

Yet, this literal truth, Carlson argued, doesn’t make it the whole truth. “In essence, the news you consume is deceptive. It’s a subtle and pervasive lie. It’s a manipulation with facts, proportion, and perspective deliberately held back,” he asserted.

Carlson, drawing on his three-decade-long experience in the industry, expressed his disillusionment.

“We could share many stories from our journey,” he shared, “In today’s news business, the best you can aspire for is the freedom to convey the most comprehensive truth possible. However, there are always boundaries. Cross them often, and you’ll find yourself out of a job.”

Surprisingly, according to Carlson, very few platforms today truly champion free speech.

“The only significant platform left in the world that values this right is Twitter,” Carlson stated, “Twitter has long been the cradle of our national discourse. It’s a non-partisan site open to all, a fact we appreciate.”

Despite this, Carlson argued that the news analysis seen on Twitter mostly comes from media organizations posing as nothing more than propaganda machines. “It’s discussed on cable news, then debated on Twitter. Although it may seem like a genuine discussion, the gatekeepers still hold the reins. This is a flawed system in our view,” he critiqued.

Carlson then announced his plan to bring a fresh version of his show, which he has been hosting for over six years, to Twitter.

In his concluding remarks, Carlson alluded to some upcoming developments and underscored the importance of free speech.

On April 24, Fox News and Carlson parted ways, resulting in a significant drop in the 8 p.m. slot’s key demographic ratings. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” had consistently topped the cable news ratings and had a strong conservative following.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Earlier, tapes featuring Carlson were leaked to the left-leaning group Media Matters, and an attempt was made to tarnish his reputation through a text message sent to The New York Times. Fox News subsequently issued a cease-and-desist letter to Media Matters, as conservatives rallied in support of Carlson, decrying the leaked tapes.

Sources: Dailycaller, The New York Times, CNN

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