This Video Of Archie Bunker Defending the National Anthem Makes Even More Sense Now…


In a world where political correctness often drowns out the chorus of patriotism, one iconic television character’s impassioned defense of the national anthem stirs a much-needed conversation.

Archie Bunker, a character etched into the annals of television history, was a key fixture in the well-loved “All in the Family” series. As a character, Bunker had a unique appeal, resonating with countless Americans who saw their beliefs reflected in his unapologetically patriotic views.

The series painted Bunker as an all-American, hard-working veteran – attributes that deeply informed his impassioned defense of the Star-Spangled Banner against any perceived slight or disrespect.

Bunker’s political incorrectness might seem jarring in today’s ultra-woke era, but his fervent patriotism and unwavering support for the national anthem continue to strike a chord with millions of Americans who cherish their national pride above all else.

In one particular episode, Bunker and his son-in-law, Meathead, share a heated exchange over the national anthem. The dialogue unfolds as they prepare to watch a sports event on television, and the national anthem begins to play. Meathead, criticizing the anthem, claims it glorifies war and labels it as a poor song. This argument echoes modern criticisms, which perceive the anthem as racially biased. However, Meathead’s contention centers on the anthem’s origin, penned amid the War of 1812 between the nascent United States and Great Britain.

Bunker, a staunch defender of the anthem, is quick to retort Meathead’s disrespect. The exchange escalates when Meathead asserts, “That is one terrible song.” Bunker, shocked by his son-in-law’s audacity, retorts, “Don’t start up nothing with me, Meathead. I’m watching the game. That’s a beautiful song, and shut your face.”

Undeterred by Bunker’s blunt response, Meathead presses further, arguing that the song not only glorifies war but also, as a piece of music, fails to impress. He even challenges Bunker’s memory of the anthem’s lyrics, setting the stage for a hilarious climax.

Egged on by Meathead, Bunker, with characteristic confidence, asserts his ability to remember the lyrics to the anthem. Meathead, seizing the opportunity, further provokes Bunker, insisting he won’t resume the game until Bunker proves his claim by reciting the anthem.

Bunker’s subsequent enthusiastic rendition of the anthem, albeit incorrect, provides a comedic climax, much to Meathead’s amusement. This humorous interaction between the two characters centered around the national anthem, is a testament to the show’s ability to address weighty issues with a touch of light-heartedness.

The delightful exchange drew dozens of comments from viewers, many of whom found humor in the playful tussle over the national anthem.

One viewer noted, “Talk about picking battles. Mike just couldn’t shut up and let Archie enjoy his football game, including the national anthem. Go, Archie!”

Another stated, “When those two argue, Mike is usually in the right about things, but there are two episodes when Archie is correct, and Mike is wrong. One of them is this episode when Mike is disrespecting our National Anthem.”

WATCH the video below for more details:

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