Tucker Carlson Has Admitted He Got Them To QUIT!


With the woke CNN’s streaming service CNN+ shut down, Conservatives celebrate more than anyone else. As the popular saying goes, you “GO WOKE, GO BROKE.”

No one can predict the future, and neither can Chris Wallace.

On Thursday, CNN announced that CNN+ would cease operations by April 30. The company said that the decision to end the platform only one month after launching on March 29 was made by a new management team. CNN’s former parent company WarnerMedia merged with Discovery to form Warner Bros. Discovery on April 8.

Wallace, who quit Fox News for CNN+ in December, drew much of the scorn.

The new bosses are aiming to spend money in order to get the cable news side back to straight news reporting. They are essentially abandoning the streaming service, which leaves Wallace holding the bag and potentially without a show to host.

On another side of the story, there have been speculations that Fox News host Tucker Carlson may have played a role in former colleague Chris Wallace leaving the network.

Here’s what Conservative Brief has to say:

During an interview, Wallace spoke about leaving Fox News to join CNN’s streaming service CNN+, which has already been shut down after abysmal subscriber growth — or lack thereof.

“I’m fine with opinion: conservative opinion, liberal opinion,” he said of his decision to leave Fox News. “But when people start to question the truth — Who won the 2020 election? Was Jan. 6 an insurrection? — I found that unsustainable.”

Wallace then went after Carlson, saying he was “so alarmed by Mr. Carlson’s documentary ‘Patriot Purge’ — which falsely suggested the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a ‘false flag’ operation intended to demonize conservatives — that he complained directly to Fox News management.”

“Before, I found it was an environment in which I could do my job and feel good about my involvement at Fox,” he said. “And since November of 2020, that just became unsustainable, increasingly unsustainable as time went on.”

CNN+ is facing extreme cuts and reviews by incoming corporate parent Warner Bros. Discovery after it was a total disaster.

According to reports, the new owners are not happy with the Chris Wallace-led streaming service, suspended all external marketing spending for CNN+, and laid off CNN’s longtime chief financial officer.

The new owners at Discovery have replaced CNN CFO Brad Ferrer with Neil Chugani, Discovery’s current CFO for streaming and international. Sources say corporate parent Warner Bros. Discovery executives are planning to dramatically shift the network’s primetime shows back to hard news and away from partisan politics.

CNN executives initially wanted to have 2 million subscribers for the streaming service in the first year, but only managed to get around 150,000 subscribers.

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